Monday, January 14, 2013

Build a Rustic Style Wooden Box

When the calendar flipped to January
I started cleaning out my junk business drawer.
It's the month that says "Start Fresh".
I don't know how long this organizing will last
but I better take advantage.
My art table was a mess.
Not anymore.
I made a rustic wooden box
that will hold my paint cans.
Here I go again with the Fence boards.
They are like my new best friends.
I have a family of them living in my garage.
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Stainsucker.
Wow, do they soak up the stain.
And that makes them my new smelly friends.
I had to let them air out a couple of weeks
before they could come in the house.
Maybe a matte sealer spray would help to block the odor.
I started with 5 pieces of the fencing
looking like this:
Drill pilot holes before attaching with screws.
Tape off the stripe pattern.
Base coat black underneath the red
so it won't be pink.
Pencil shade the back of the paper
that has your number printed on it.
Our Lot number is 22.
Switch to a pen now
to transfer lettering from the front.
It will keep a sharper edge when pressing.
Paint with a fine liner brush.
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I have lots of ideas for this keeper.
I can use it as a centerpiece box at Christmas
and load it up with ornaments.
It can find a spot against my kitchen backsplash
and hold blue mason jars of stuff...?
I can roll up beach towels,
stand them all in a row
and put it out on the patio this summer.
Looks like I might have to make another one!
For now it is keeping my paint cans tidy.
I know you're thinking of what you would store in here!
Thanks for visiting my blog today,
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Cassie Myers said...

You made me smile...Mr & Mrs Stainsucker. LOL:) Thanks for sharing your project!

Sherry said...

What a great project...and so many uses for one simple (but stand out!) box!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

What a great box. You are right that it would be perfect for so many uses.

20 North Ora said...

Deb - Mr & Mrs Stainsucker are so cute. You box is really a good idea. When you build it yourself, you can make it the size to fit what you want. Great idea!


Gretchen said...

very nice! I have some extra fence pickets in my garage. It never occurred to me to build anything out of them!

Anonymous said...

Terrific project and a great storage solution for so many things! Thanks so much for sharing the "how to". :-)

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Deb, I LOVE that! Thanks for showing us how. I never would have known to paint black first underneath the red. Love the font you used, and the colors you chose. And REALLY love all the ideas you came up with for its use. I might need to make one too! Have a great day!


Feral Turtle said...

Ahhhh to be organized! Love your box, and I too didn't know about the black under the red. Thanks for sharing that tip with us. Cheers.

Emily @ The Diligent One said...

I love it! What a great, easy project.

Art and Sand said...

You make that look so simple. I don't think mine would turn out so great, but i should try.

Debbiedoo's said...

How awesome! Looks great and is useful too. Thanks for sharing Debbie.

Leisa said...

Lovely project--great idea for organization... I need some of that at the moment! I agree about the stain odor--I usually use that brand and it's horrible! My projects used to live out in the garage until they were suitable for indoor living ;-)

Melodee said...

love this! pinning it to make...

Susan @ said...

Nice! I make boxes, numbers, and stripes all the time but together they look awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ruth said...

This box is fabulous!!!! Index some fence boards!! I want to make10. They're that awesome!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

~ Liz ~ said...

These boxes are great for so many things. I made three of them during the Summer and I have them everywhere. Yours is so cute with the stripe. Love seeing it put to good use holding your cans. Well done!

Terry Moore said...

Oh, this is so great that I had to pin it!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

LOVE it!! thanks for the tutorial!!

My Creatively Vintage Life said...

Love Love how your box turned out! And I love that is was out of newer boards. I did something similar for my wedding out of old fence boards and added leather handles. You can view it at my vintage blog www.thepickinpair.blogspot and go back a few posts. Found you from a linky and am now following!

The Golden Sycamore said...

Love this!! I love all of your ideas for how to use it! If I kept paint cans in it, I'd have to make a ton of them! ;)