Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Corner

Lovin' Fall Y'all!
I have a simple change up today.

It's fun to go with the flow of the seasons.
If I had a mantel,
that's where I would do all of my fluffing
and rearranging.

my happy little corner
serves up
the event of the season.

we're giving homage to the pumpkin.

My party lights are always up
so I just
change chalkboard designs
to celebrate whatever is happening.

Last week
it was Taylor's birthday.

Before that
it was Scott and Rachel's engagement...

So this corner
is always happy
and loves to party.

This is how it looks everyday in real life.

I'm going to add some quick drama.
I have this old door in the garage.

Now that she has a party invitation
she really is a drama queen,
adding just the backdrop I need for Halloween.

So you have
Greetings from Boo Bird
as you enter.
And then see party lights in the distance.

Now that was a quick change up.


Black and White.

Halloween Drama.

Centsational Girl is having a fall mantel party
that I will be linking to.
Of course, the varsity players will be ACTUAL Fall Mantels.
Happy to be on the JV,
because she has graciously included fall vignettes!
Deb Pin It!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Caramel Apple Sideboard

Here's the Caramel

And here's the Apple.

I know what you were thinking...

And yah.......yum.
Tis the Season.

So I gave this sideboard some caramel apple love.

 I was a "stick in the mud"
about parting with my Bahama Blue Console.
But we inherited a great piece of family furniture
that will take it's place.
So this hard working buffet
is finding it's way to a new home
and will be nestled in a mustardy gold kitchen.
So Old Blue is getting a new life.

After a base coat of semi-gloss black,
I double loaded my brush with these two reds..
Colonial Red and Apple Red

This is the same red application I used on

I base painted the top in some warm golds.

Then I used these colors to Dip and Drag
across the top.

Then I used glaze, raw sienna and some darker brown and bronze
to create the caramel edges.

I also needed to warm up the silver cup pulls
with a brush of black and brown.

Now it has that cozy warm feel
and will be at home in the new
Mustard Gold Kitchen.

Pin It!

I look forward to sharing my
newly inherited sideboard that will
be up for a redo soon!

Get the Caramel Apples ready.
Autumn begins this Saturday!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looking Forward to Fall

When I dove into my Fall goody box last week
I found My Boo Bird
and my candy corn lights!
Okay, I'm officially looking forward to Fall!
Here are a few of my favorite fall things.

Taking Fall Photographs

Who can resist the rich autumn colors!
I can't walk through the Pumpkin Patch
without capturing colors and textures.
I'm always lagging behind the fam
because I have to take it all in.

Oh, this is where we got our
warm carameled apples...

Can't wait to get another one.

Another Fall Favorite Thing
is making an outdoor decoration.

Here's a pumpkin
on her throne.

I made her throne out of an old door.

I left the hinges on the door.

I like the substantial architectural feel of the planter.
I can use it for all seasons.
But I like it best as the Pumpkin Throne.

Another outdoor Fall Welcome
is the twinkly grapevine ball.

I used clothesline wire to make a large sphere
and wrapped it with wild vine,
added lights and silk fall leaves.
It looks great in my concrete urn.

Another thing I look forward to in the fall
are my craft fairs!

To be in the midst of wonderful artists,
enjoy the outdoor football feel weather,
and meet fun customers who share the love of art.

The fall color palette is one of my faves...

See why these are a few of my favorite things.
Actually, my list is longer
so I may have to share more later!

I hope you're excited for fall too
and that you visit again soon for more inspiration.
 I would love to hear some of your Fall Favorites.

Have a great day, Deb

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Party Boo Welcomes You

Boo Bird put his party hat on.

So I had to set the table.

Party Boo is perched on a humble white pumpkin.

Rough hewn rope and brown craft paper
anchor the earthy side of this table setting.
Black , white, and brown
are the centerpiece colors
with pops of autumn
in the dinnerware.

The Sisal Mat was easy to make
gluing manilla rope onto craft paper.

Keeping with the humble simple
I made paper placemats
with brown craft paper and a sharpie.
Going with the Panera Bread
graphic line styling
I sketched the lines and circles
there you have it
simple paper placemats.

The black and White ribbon ties
keep connection to the centerpiece colors
and are layered on the colorful plates.
(my dinnerware design "Cinnabar" with Demdaco 2004
and "Florentine Bloom 2005)

I show how I made the black and white striped tray here.

Party Boo Welcomes You!

Looking forward to our Fall guests!

Thank you for your visit Friends,

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Black and White Striped Tray

It's the season for Flea Markets!
Seems like when I go,
I'm drawn to wooden trays, and bowls.
I didn't realize I collected them
until I started building a stash.
So it's time to dive in and get started on some
so I can go buy more!

I got this one at a flea market for one dollar.
Ahh...the simple pleasures.

It doesn't look like that anymore...

Now it's a nice graphic accent with the bold black and white stripes.
But I didn't stop there.
I wanted it to have a bit of a nautical feel.
So here's what I did.

I drilled a hole large enough to slide a notebook ring through.

Then I drilled another circle on top of that with a spade bit
just deep enough to recess a washer.

Paint Next.
I used white and black semi-gloss
and ran a dry brush of black around the edges.
I also used a dry brush of white over the black.
Now it has a slightly worn look.

Using some tacky glue
set the washer in the recessed circle.
Run the notebook ring through the circle and close.
You will have four of these for the handle anchors.

Here are some more supplies
that I used for the rope handles.

Using about 2 ft. of  the braiding cord,
I made a tight loop around the rope
near the ring.
Make sure to leave extra string
to tie off at the end of the wrap.

Continue wrapping and tie off at the end.

I think it's a fun mix of elements:

Graphic black and white modern with some worn wear
(even a little chalkboardish)

A tiny bit of bling with the hardware washer
and office supply notebook ring.

Then a dose of rough texture
with the manilla rope.

I have several ideas for my new tray.

You might see it soon in a Halloween display.

Also, I like the idea of hanging it in a grouping on the wall.

For now, I can even use it for
my limeade service.

Love my Limeades.
Hope you do too!

1 tsp. grenadine
2 lime slices squeezed
1 can diet ginerale
LOTS of ice.


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