Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pallet Mini Bar, Random Projects, and "almost HOME" sign

Here is a fun and easy project with pallets!

Rachel found this idea on pinterest

and we decided to make one for their deck.

Here is her finished project:

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We connected two pallets with wood and screws on the side.

We also added some boards on top to make it level

before adding the concrete pavers.

Painted it up,


wa la

It's a fun mini bar!

Other projects I've been working on:

Lettering on signs using a brown black mix.

Blogging to share paint ideas with you : )

Always hope you find something here you can try,


*I was waiting to share more with you all

about Jamie's "almost HOME" sign.

Now that she has written about it on her blog

I would like to tell you what a special project this was!

Although their home is bustling with three sweet and joyful children,

their 4th child, Addie, is waiting for them in heaven  

Addie was their oldest and left this earth abruptly

after a cancer diagnosis.

Since then, the word "home" hasn't meant the same thing

for their family.

Jamie thinks "almost HOME" suits them better.

What a beautiful sentiment on their mantel.

We took Addie's penmanship from a paper she had written

and transferred the lettering for the word "almost"

so it is in her handwriting.

Jamie has such a way with words and expressing their family's journey

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Painting Farmhouse Furniture -Shortcut Spraypaint Black

I had you at "Shortcut", right?

If you're like me and Love the Farmhouse Style,

you know you're in for painting some old spindly chairs.

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The chairs only needed a light sanding with 100 grit sandpaper.

The table had much more wear and had to be sanded 

until smooth to the touch.

After wiping off the sawdust

I wiped on a deglosser.

For the table and the chairs

I rubbed a small amount of vaseline on the edges

as a resist.

This will make sanding much easier in the end

and will create a chippy look.

The table needed a primer because I had yellow

coming through the paint.

So I used Lowe's Olympic Paint and Primer in One,

Crumb Cookie.

I had the satin finish on hand,

but you could use semi-gloss.

Because for my third coat, I mixed some

semi-gloss white enamel.

I like the finish.

Of course the fun happens now

after the paint dries.

Sand the edges to reveal the base brown.

I applied an acrylic sealer with a piece of folded foam.

Now, my happy surprise with the chairs:

After the prep (sand, degloss, vaseline)

  hand brushing one coat of

black semi-gloss enamel

left the chairs with the usual streaky first coat look.

Knowing I had 6 to paint,

I tried some inexpensive spray paint from dollar general.

I sprayed a light coat over,

and because this particular spray paint is not heavy

it gave the perfect effect.  

I could leave areas exposed on the seats where I wanted

the black brown distressed look to show.

But I could get into all of the spindles with ease

so it made the process So much faster!

Plus I love the look it gives.

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I spray sealed the chairs.

Chippy Farmhouse Style,

just what Megan wanted to 

make her apartment a "home".

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I hope you can use this shortcut sometime!


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Make A Wood Sign - All You Need Is Love

How about a fun and graphic

message on wall art in your home -

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I made this sign out of fence boards.

You could use pallet boards too.

These boards are 5 1/2" wide and 33 1/2" long.

Connecting 4 together makes the finished size 

21 1/2" x 33 1/2".

I drilled small holes in the two back boards

so the wood does not split when attaching the 1" screws.

Give the entire piece a wash of

watered down brown and raw sienna mixed.

Using folded cardstock, drag black semi-gloss paint

(or whatever finish you like)

across the boards leaving some of the base

to show through.

I designed my lay-out in Photoshop

using Arial black font.

So that I don't waste so much black ink,

I bucket paint the letters gray.

I outline the letters by right clicking the layer,

choosing blending options,

and checking outer shadow and inner shadow.

Then fill with white.

Now there is just an outline.

Chalk Transfer letters.

Paint letters white or off white with a flat brush.

Two coats.

I didn't sand here, but you could to add more of a worn look.

Hangers and picture wire on back.

Now you've got a stand out piece of typography art.




can be an expression in art

for a wall in your home.

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung...

Nothing you can make that can't be made...

It's easy."

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I would like to try some other colors too.

If YOU do, show me what you come up with.

I can't really hang this in my temporary apartment,

but can't wait to put a nail in the wall in my new home!

(sorry Mark)

I'll show you when I do this fall.

We are building and I am so excited to be in our home.

Happy Painting and Making a Home,


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