Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite Number

I used to dream
about living at the lake.
About five years ago
we bought a lot
but we weren't ready
to live there full time yet.
But I knew it would happen someday.
So while I was waiting
to live at Lot 22
I made a big canvas to remind me of it.

I wanted something big and graphic
and kind of reminded me of
an old football jersey.

To get the old worn jersey look
the most important tool is an old chip brush.
You can see more about this dry brush
application that I did on this Route 66 Sign.

Use darker colors to shade at the bottom
and at the right of the numbers.
I even darkened the shading at the
bottom right corner of the canvas.
I also used a dry brush white.

Because I used yard canvas
I could just turn under the edges and glue.
Then I added grommets to the top.
You can see how I did that here.
Since this is canvas by the yard you will just
cut a hole rather than drill.

Dry brush areas around the numbers and letters.

Now I have my canvas hanging on the
wall above my sofa.
You can see it from the lake when you're in the boat.

But while I was still living in my home before this
I kept my favorite number hanging
as a reminder of the future.

I clipped lake pictures all around it
so that it was a dream board.

I think it would be fun to make a canvas
with your kid's sports jersey number
and hang sport pics all around.

It could be great in a boys or girls bedroom.

So it can be your favorite number
or jersey art....
big and bold impact.

I'm loving summer,
but, wow, have I been busy!
Are you like me?
I want to make time for projects
but have the pull of so many
great summer activities.

Hope you're enjoying yours!
Thanks for taking the time to stop.
Appreciate it, Deb

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sand and Shells Dresser

Hey to all of my
Lake Lovin'
Coast Lovin'
Beach Lovin'

I have a fun furniture transformation to share.

Here's a sneak peak:

My niece inherited a dresser from Aunt Lucille.
Auntie's style went something like this:

That's not Kate's style.
Kate is a modern beachy girl.
She is looking for
"Some Beach"

So here's her plan.
"Give me something sand and white with a little bit of shabby,
and I will hunt down the drawer pulls."

So my mission started with a good sanding,
and primer and a little bit of wood filler repair.
You know my thing about old dressers and their drawers...
I like to freshen them up.
So I took out the old liner paper,
sanded the insides of the drawers,
wiped it down ,
and then sprayed the interiors with a clear spray.
That will help rid of anything musty.

I painted the shell of the dresser semi-gloss white.

and then sanded the edges for
a worn look.

The drawer fronts stay the original wood
because they are going to get a dip and drag paint treatment.

You can find out more about this paint technique
at one of my other tutorials here.

Using a piece of folded cardstock, dip into multiple paint colors
and drag across surface.
Refrain from covering entire surface
so that it has a really textural appearance.
The tan, gray and white mix
will be the grainy beach sand look I'm going for.

Then to top it off,
Kate found the perfect knob...
a clear glass swirl
that looks like a shell!

Sand and Shells...
found in textured paint and swirled glass
create just the look we're going for.
And really, the solid white surround
anchors the piece and gives it a really restful feel.

This dresser is going in baby's beach nursery,
but really it would be great in any room
adding a bit of coastal charm.

Thanks for your visit!
See you soon,  Deb

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fish Growth Chart

Awww...I went to a sweet baby shower today.
You can imagine how many times
I heard the word "cute".
There were so many charming little
dresses and booties.
And for baby Claire that's
on her way into this world
she will be so cute in
all of the sugary fashion.

But for nursery styling,
Baby Claire's mommy
wants a shabby beachy style.
So I jumped on that idea
with this
simple fish growth chart.

The shape is simple
the paint is worn.
The horizontal stripes
along with the weathered detail
make a sweet rustic style
for baby's nursery.
Because the style is really generic,
it would work great for
boy or girl
and will be adaptable to
any age really.

So here's the scoop
on how to
make one for your own little sweet pea.

I used 1/2" plywood
and cut a fish shape 45" x 7".
I have always loved the fish shapes at Castaways Hall
and drew out a template similar to one of those.

Cut and sand.

Brush entire piece, front and back,
with watered down raw sienna paint.

Let dry.
I wanted the back to look good too
so I used the same paint technique
that I used on this table
and  this flag.

Once that is dry
turn it over and paint the other side white.
After the white dries
tape off the horizontal lines
and paint in whatever color stripes you want.
I didn't use full brush coverage
because I wanted the worn look.

Using a yardstick and a ruler
as your guide, take a liner brush
to make the inch markers.

Paint numbers at the "foot" marks.


Use two screw eyes to pull the sisal through.
Tie off with braiding cord or jute twine.
Make sure when you start the braiding cord
you leave a long tail.
That way you have something to tie on to
at the end.

Now you just loop tie the rope
and you're ready to hang.
When you hang it on the wall
be sure the 2 ft. marker is actually
2 ft. from the floor so measurements are accurate.
You could use a fine tip marker to
document the dates of measuring
kiddo's height.

Here's the back...

Glad you could stop by!
Always appreciate your visits.
Have a great day, Deb

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Stars and Stripes Colorsplash

Flag Up Girls!
Here comes another fun
Paint Project.
In the spirit of the Season and all
I've been wanting to
paint stars and stripes.

This is really more of a Pop Art version
of Old Glory.
And you can hang either vertical or horizontal.
But it will definitely add a splash
of summer color to your home.
It's just Happy Art.

I used 1/2" plywood
and cut a 16" X 27" rectangle.
Sand all of the edges.
Paint the back Semi-Gloss Black (Outdoor Paint)

Using a watered down Raw Sienna
brush the front,  covering the entire surface
and all of the edges.

Then using some black,
brush in a few strokes.

This way the very underlayer
will be a warm color
that will show through your
top coat technique.

Layers and Layers of Paint
give pieces more depth
and a very painterly artful quality.

Now for some color.

At about 9" down I taped down a line.
Now I can lay in my blues.

I'm using the same paint method
that I used on this table.

But here on the blue part of the flag
you can fold a piece of cardstock paper
any size and drag it back and forth,
continuing to dip in the 3 different colors.
You can even switch motion
vertical then horizontal for a criss cross application.

Apply as much paint as you want
leaving some of the underlayer showing.
That creates a worn chippy look.

I also added some dark navy blue on top.
I didn't have the paint color I needed,
but I had some blue stain
So I used that.
I poured some of the stain into a smaller bottle
so it was easier to pour.

BFF = Blowdryer

Now for the red

Cut a piece of cardstock about 3 1/4"
(just shy of that a bit)
Mark the 5 stripe layout on your board.
Using a straight edge
dip the cardstock in each of the colors
and drag down the line.
Add more of whatever color
you want to show.

Then for the white:

After you have all of the stripes painted,
return to the blue
and stencil in your stars using this same
dip and drag motion.

I first sketched a layout for the stars 
on a sheet of paper 
so I had a general idea of placement.
Then I cut stencils out of cardstock.

Laying the stencil in position
I used another folded piece of cardstock
(okay how many times can I say cardstock)
to dip and drag across the stencil
working out to in
so I don't get much run under.

Oh, and here are the colors
I used for the stars.

Well, you would think that would be enough.
But , oh no...
Let the layering continue..

Splatter with Orange.

Then a spray sealer.
I might even use a marine varnish
if I hang it outside.

Let's use a fun summer hang-
sisal rope.

I drilled tiny pilot holes in the plywood
to start my 1 3/16" screw eyes.

Say What?
Well, that's what they're called.

You can see how I looped the sisal through
and wrapped the braiding cord around.

Then you'll have a long stretch of rope.
I don't know how much I used but
it might have been 5 - 6'.

Tie that a couple of times
for a loop in the top.

Woop Woop
Now you have an American Summer Colorsplash !

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you're having a great summer!

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