Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hello Summer Watermelon Watercolor

Watercolor and Watermelon

make the perfect 

Summer Welcome Sign.

Today I'm sharing some paint tips

and a PDF pattern that you can print and use.

I'm using a 16" x 20" canvas panel.

Download the PDF here.

You will print a 4 page pattern 

and tape it together overlapping edges

so that the pattern lines up.

Turn pattern over

and trace pattern lines with a pencil.

Paint canvas white with any acrylic paint.

This way, if you make any mistakes

or have any touch ups later,

your background paint will match your touch ups.

Once your canvas is dry,

place pattern right side up

and press from front with pencil.

Lines will transfer onto canvas.

They will be random and faint,

but enough to provide a pattern.

Start with your lettering.

I used black acrylic for my letters.

I used a small #2 flat brush.

Use the brush straight up and down

and pull upwards for a fine line stroke.

The press the brush flat and wide

for the down strokes.

Now I'm using watercolors for the watermelon.

I mixed green and yellow for the lightest green edge first.

Use a darker green for alternate stripes.

Start with a light pink for watermelon center.

Add darker pink to edges,

and finally an almost red to shade.

Once the watermelon is painted,

I sprayed with a clear satin sealer.

Now the watercolor won't activate if it gets wet.

Then I painted the seeds with black acrylic paint.

Add grommets and ribbon to the top

and now you have a fun

summer welcome!

Hope you enjoy!


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