Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Bucket List Chalkboard

Ann is going to be
one busy girl
this summer...
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and it sounds like a lot of fun!
Now I want a Summer Bucket List!
She had a great idea
on how to recycle a big old frame.
Inspired by an article
that she saw in HGTV magazine,
she read about the Anderstrom's Chalkboard.
Well, how about this older traditional print
going coastal (or beachy).
You know, flipping it.
Removing all of the glass,
print, paper, and hardware...
Now we're down to the nubbins
of the frame.
I'm choosing the simple style back
rather than the ornate front
to be our new upcycled look.
After some goo-gone, woodfiller,
and sanding, the frame was ready for paint.
I used White, tan, and gray, and dipped my brush
in each color to drag and see separation.
I cut a piece of underlayment board
to fill the frame area.
Painted it a mix of black and white
to get that chalkboard look.
Made my lettering layout in Photoshop.
Printed and Taped together.
Next I made a chalk transfer page...
rubbing chalk all over one side of cardstock.
Press the chalkside to the black
and transfer from a pen on the front.
It will look like this.
Paint lettering with a liner brush.
This is really "the chalkboard look"
using paint rather than chalk.
Glue and Staple underlayment board
into frame.
Now get busy checking things off!
Since I sprayed the black with a satin sealer,
the colored chalk wipes right off.
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Are you making your list?
I am!
So glad you could stop by,
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bar Cart Makeover - Gray and White Stripes

Coming Soon
To a Patio near You...
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So when I found this bar cart
at the thrift store
I knew it would be
a fun summer makeover.
First some Early American Stain
Then some sundrenched gray...
Dry Brush White.
Tape off stripes and add more white.
Use an angle brush to add black edges to the stripes.
Transfer pencil line lettering.
I used Pottery Barn Font at size 200.
Fill in with black.
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Refreshing, right?
Flea Markets are starting here!
Time to find junk treasures
that need a new do.
Happy junking, friends!
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Paint Projects

It's a hodgepodge
what the paintbrush left behind.
A jumble of junk transformed
An Assortment of Antiques Upcycled
A potpourri of pieces painted
It's what I've been up to lately.
A mish mash of paint projects.
My hodgepodge also includes
these stair risers
that are being installed this week
in a new home construction.
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Fun Stuff!
Because I know you all are creatives too,
you might find something in this mix
to get you ready for a new project.
Here's to busy paintbrushes,
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