Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunset Beach Art from Fence Boards

Some easy paint techniques
on some inexpensive
fence boards
can create
a big color impact on a wall.

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You might remember
that I made this Summer.

It was all in shades of blue.

I have a friend that wants a similar design but with a sunset
on the horizon.
I was out of the old "found" fence boards,
so I bought them new at Menards for $1.97 per cedar board.

After I cut them into sections,  I positioned them face down
and secured a piece of underlayment on the back
attaching screws at all of the joints.

I mixed some stain with mineral spirits
and brushed all over the unfinished boards.

After that was dry
I painted the front.

You know I like to dip and drag cardstock with paint
for any surface that I want to have texture.

Add a dark line at the horizon.

Here are some of the paint colors that I used
for the sunset.
I actually used a brush on this board
because I want a smoother look.

Brush some lighter yellow on the water
for a reflection of the sun.
Then lightly wipe away in places.

Then I dry brushed just a slight bit of gray over the sunset
and sand.

I painted the"Some Beach Somewhere" text
the same as on the all blue pallet art.

The large horizontal striping
make an impactful piece of art
for your wall or
for your headboard.
I have had buyers use the piece for
a valance over their patio doors.
(for those requests I boxed it out on the sides)
This one is going to be an exterior art piece.


So glad you could stop by!

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Unknown said...

I love your work! It gives such great inspiration! I would love to include some of your signs on my new blog. Would love to hear from you!

Kim :)

ANNE said...

LOVE THESE!! So beautiful.

Unknown said...

I am a fool for sunset paintings. Luv this!!!! Will be getting some new 'old' fence boards and making some. Thanks for the inspiration.
Take a peek at my sunset paintings.. post entitled 'Sunrise...Sunset' .
Cheers, Gee

Twice Nice said...

Gorgeous painting Deb!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

I love it! Thanks for the great tutorial!

reFresh reStyle said...

I love it! I always pin your stuff, hoping one day to try and recreate!

Cynthia said...

I love this. Did you free-hand, or stencil the writing?

Deb Hrabik said...

Hi Cynthia,
I did freehand, but I used blue tape on top and bottom to keep even. I use a small flat brush and stroke at an angle. You can see that detail better on my original post "Some Beach Somewhere Pallet Art"

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Gosh, that turned out beautifully!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I love this! I think this is going to be on my list of "to makes" Really beautiful.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That turned out gorgeous!

We have a ton of wooden crate lids and have been dying to make one of these signs, but just cannot decide what to put on it!

Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

Completely Coastal said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Carrie said...

I love the beach and these are such nice reminder of the warm beauty of it!
Would love for you to share this at my very first linky party. My sister and I are working together over at “Think Tank Thursday”…would love to see you there!

Kayla Retich said...

I love these. You do great art!

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

I love this! It's so simple, but so pretty. I love the orange!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful colors!

April @ illistyle said...

I love it! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the clear and easy to follow tutorial! Pinned!

20 North Ora said...

Deb - Gorgeous!! Really pretty.


kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor said...

Deb, you are so talented!!! So happy you linked up with us at Mop It Up Monday!! You're one of the features today!


Jenn Korolewski said...

This is amazing! I love it!

Lindsey Ralls said...

So Gorgeous! Love the colors!

Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

Such beautiful colors and I love how rustic it is! Stopping by from Shabby Nest.

erin's art and gardens said...

what a cute and rustic sign! i am lovin your "dip and drag" technique! thanks for stopping by my bloggy on this gorgeous fall day....

Our Pinteresting Family said...

What gorgeous work you do! I found your beautiful project next to mine at Redoux!


Rachel said...

This is so lovely. I came over from The Shabby Nest. Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy said...

Well done~ It looks wonderful. Great tutorial! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

Good Time Charlie said...

This is just amazing! You are such a talented artist, and I love the unique paint techniques you share. I am featuring at my party tomorrow at Redoux. -K

Margo said...

Thank you for linky this awesome artwork up last week! We'd love to have you back this week:

Shelly Andrade at Shizzle Design said...

This is the coolest technique ever! Who'd a thunk? Love your sign!! Stopping by via Karen at Redoux!! So glad I stopped by to check out your blog ~ Lovin' it!!

Ruthie said...

Wow, I love everything about it!
Came over from Redoux ;)

Jeannie-JB said...

Wow - That's amazing. Thanks for the tutorial sharing your techniques. I love your art. Here from redeaux!

Carly Lynn said...

Omg, I'm so in love with this! Are you planning on selling any in your easy shop? I just know I could never do it justice.

Deb Hrabik said...

Thanks Carly. I will be listing it on Etsy this weekend.

Heidi Lisa said...

BEAUTIFUL! I really, really liked the beachie one, but this one warms things up. beautiful!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! Just curious... why do u mix the stain & mineral spirits?

Deb Hrabik said...

Hi Vanessa -
These days I just use a brown paint watered down for the base.
But you can use the stain too. Mineral spirits, like paint thinner, just make it easier to brush on porous wood.
Hope you have a great project,

Anonymous said...

Deb, are you still making and selling these?

Deb Hrabik said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your note!
I'm not making and selling right now.
I am working in another art area now - pattern design on computer.
Thanks again,

Tiare said...

I was about to ask this too! I would love one for over my kitchen cabinets.

Anonymous said...

Do you sell your art?

Deb Hrabik said...

So sorry, I'm not building and selling these anymore.
You might check at Aimee Weavers store.
This is her site:


Kim said...

I am wanting to do some painting on pallet wood for outside use. What paint and finish would I use.thsnks

Deb Hrabik said...

Hi Kim!
If it will be a worn paint finish "look" you really don't have to seal at all. You can use any craft acrylic or wall paint and it should hold up for years.
If it is a highly finished, non-distressed look that you want, you would need to seal with a polyurethane, 2 coats. Polyurethane will yellow over time, so I try to avoid that.
Another thing I've done is use a flat or satin clear spray and reapply once a year.
Hope this helps!