Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tea-Stained Tags

This is such a fun time of year.
It's the season for
all things handmade and homespun.

Here is a primitive little tag
you can add to any gift or wreath.
I even use these to tag our Christmas Stockings
with family names.

This fall I've used them on wreaths.

Using Brown Craft paper and white cardstock,
I brush instant tea granules with just a bit of water
directly on the paper.
(1/4 cup tea plus 1 or 2 Tbsp. Water)

Brush both sides of paper.
Set aside to dry.

Cut and tear the paper
into sizes and shapes you like.

I also reinforce the paper punch on back
with another piece of paper.

This wreath was a coffee theme...
made from a burlap coffee bag

You can find out how to make
the burlap wreath here.

I continued the coffee theme
with a coffee filter flower dipped in the tea
and embellishing the tag with coffee beans.

Tea-Stain and Glitter...
Now that's Farmhouse Glam.

So glad you could visit,

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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Paint the Birch Look

Birch Bark
has such a restful palette
and beautiful texture.
This look will be perfect for
Ann's Cabin.

Her vision is to use many natural elements
in the room.
She has some burlap pillows with
simple black text,
and white.
She found this headboard at the thrift store
for less than ten dollars.
So we added some birch branches
to the center.

I'm already feeling the restful embrace....
a simple and peaceful surround.

I'd love to share with you
how to "get the look".

I started with this little black bench/stool.

After sanding just a bit
I base painted in primer white.
Then I dipped my large chip brush
in camel, white, and country grey
and brushed over the base
in a straight line fashion.

At first on the top I base painted in the camel.
Later I decided to add the country grey and white
in a streaky fashion
with a little bit of clear glaze
so that all of the brush strokes would show.

I painted the edges with a charcoal grey wash
(using a bit of clear glaze to go on smooth)

Then using a large flat brush,
lay in the white branches
even if the base coat is still a little wet
because we like the look
of mottled and splotchy. : )

Then add just a teeny bit of charcoal to the edge of your brush
and also some clear glaze to help your
stroke stay smooth.
Drag down the edge of the tree.

Now in a cross wise movement,
drag a chip brush
back and forth with white paint.

Using a fan brush,
dip in some charcoal grey and glaze
and wipe off so there is not a lot of paint on your brush.
Stipple up and down in places.
Drag straight line in places.
If it is too heavy,
dab off with a baby wipe.
That way it subdues and fades out the harshness.
This is so forgiving with the glaze.
You can wipe off and try again as many times as you need to!

Then use the fan brush
with charcoal paint
pulling in from the sides.

Use a small amount of black paint on some edges
and a few random other places
dabbing off with a baby wipe to get
a natural shape.

You can see how I added in the streaky
brush stroke between branches.
Now you've "got the look"
of natural birch.
Are you thinking of all kinds of
things to paint on!

Happy Painting!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burlap Wreath Craft Party

This is such a fun fall project!
The best part is getting together
with the girls

Crafting and Laughing
two of my favorite things.
And when you mix that
with Burlap and Apple Cider
you make
a great memory with friends.
Plus, you just might have
a new awesome fall decoration.

Before I show you
the fun design variety
the girls came up with,
let me show you the basic construction.

You'll need heavy wire.
14 guage seems to be the best.

Cut a piece about 38" long.
Twist one end so that
the burlap doesn't slide off.

Cut  9 or 10  4" strips of burlap
from selvedge to selvedge.
Cut along thread line.
You can get 9 strips out of
1 yard of fabric.
The burlap was $2.99 per yard.

Cut off selvedge ends.
Pull off a few threads to have a frayed look.

Pull 4 threads from both sides
of 4" strip.

Keep the threads.
You'll need them later.
You will have 9 or 10 strips
that look like this.

Thread the burlap onto the wire
inserting wire in the middle
and weaving in and out at random lengths.
For example ,
take a couple of 2" stitches
then take a longer 4".
Just mix it up as you go.
The shorter stitches will
help to give you volume in between
your longer folds.
Keep going
until all of your strips are on the wire.

Bend wire
to secure at the top.

Fold 2 long threads back and forth
in random lengths that look like a bow
and tie around wire
placing all around the wreath.

This is the fun part
tying on the threads.
Then you can decide how wild and wooly
you want it to look.
You can cut some threads
and leave some in loops.

Now it's time to make the
"wrist corsage" that will wrap around the top center.

See, you will use a 24" length of burlap about 2-3" wide.
You can make flowers out of sisal rope...

You can make flowers out of ribbon or fabric strips.
Tie a knot in one end.
Start wrapping in a circle.
Then you can start back folding on the turns
to create angles on the flower.
Or keep it simple,
just work in a circular pattern.

Tie your long hanging ribbon on first.
Then tie your flower band on top.

Look what my creative friends came up with!

I love that each wreath
has it's own personality
just like my sweet friends and family!

Have a great week,

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