Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Stencil Large Graphic Numbers on Fabric

Today I was thinking
about numbers.
That is pattern crush #2 right now.
Stripes are my #1.
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My fun job today
was to stencil numbers on
these amazing French Style Dining Chairs.
I started by making my stencils.
Selected Engravers Font size 900.
Printed on Cardstock.
Cover Front and Back with Clear Packaging Tape.
After the cardstock is completely covered with tape,
cut the stencil out with sharp scissors
or an exacto knife.
Center the stencil,
Measuring from both sides
and top and bottom,
then use painters tape to secure.
I have my workstation set up
and ready to go.
My paint mix was:
flat acrylic black with a little bit of grey
and textile medium.
(that's like a clear liquid glaze that extends the paint
and removes the stiffness of dry paint)
3 parts paint.  1 part medium.
I used foam that I cut up into long rectangles
that I could fold in half and have a nice round edge
for application.  (no sharp edges)
First I put a small amount of paint on my
ice cream lid palette.
Dip rounded foam edge into paint
and drag back and forth.
Then off load on a piece of scrap fabric.
I used canvas.
Rub most of the paint out of the foam
and the foam edges.
Then you are ready to start.
No heavy paint anywhere in this process.
A very light touch is the most important thing.
Drag the foam from the outside to the inside of the number.
Be sure not to work inside to out
or you might get "run under".
Just keep repeating
adding more paint and making the edges
a bit heavier in shading
and lighter in the center.
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So these 4 are waiting to get on a truck
and find a place 
to make a charming statement
 in their new home.
Thanks for your visit!
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Cozy Little House

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feather - Nest - Egg - Rustic Wall Art

These are the things
that are making my paintbrush move today.
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I love the rustic, earthy quality
of painting on fence board and pallets.
It is automatic texture for paint.
The light airy colors on
the deep textural background
are a cozy contrast.
These shapes and paint strokes
are easy to duplicate.
I hope you try it!
So start with fence board
30" long for the feather.
11" for the nest and egg.
It will look like this on the back.
or like this on the smaller boards -
Use Espresso Brown, Burnt Sienna, and Black
watered down and brush all over boards.
Then dry brush an off-white
over the brown/black base.
I used a light grey white.
It was Olympic paint "Quill" that I had on hand.
Lift the brush before you get to the edge
to leave the dark.
You can make simple paper patterns
in basic shapes to trace onto your boards.
For the feather I used
white, Craftsmart Suede, and Americana Neutral Grey,
and a little bit of Americana Sea Breeze.
I use a chip brush so it has ragged edges.
I think the main thing is to keep a very light touch
and not a lot of paint.
Very airy.
You can always add more.
Use a small angled brush to drag and skip
along the edge...keeping an airy look...
not a heavy line.
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Using the same grey, white, and suede,
I also added Folkart camel and Craftsmart Espresso Brown
to the nest palette.
Again using a brush with rough edges,
make a circular motion
and dip your brush into several of the colors.
Then using a small angle brush
make a criss cross motion on the edges.
These will be your sticks
on the edge of your abstract nest.
Now for your egg.
Still using the same colors...
Sea Breeze, Camel, White, Grey...
Brush very lightly the color onto the board
even leaving some background white show.
Add a white highlight on upper left
 and dark grey shade
on the bottom right.
Splatter Dark Brown
just a little bit
over all 3 art pieces.
Now you have some
sweet spring and summer wall art!
And you could arrange them in so many ways.
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Hope you give it a try!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bright Striped Side Table

Hi my painting friends!
Are you ready to brighten a corner?
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Going from this:
To this:
Now that's a cheery update.
First, the curly top trim had to go.
After a base of Burnt Umber on the table top,
I applied layers of paint
by dipping a square of cardstock in multi colored
paint puddles and dragging across the wood top.
It gives a nice layered look.
And here are the first few steps
in making the rope drawer pull:
Bright and happy colors bring the old brown to life.
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Garage Sales will be starting here soon!
Let the hunt begin for furniture pieces
that have a new and bright future.
Thanks so much for stopping by,
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