Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wood Scrap Heart Hanging

Hey friends!

I have a fun January project for you today.

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I found an idea for a wood scrap heart hanging

So I turned it into my 

February Door Decor.

It was also an excuse to get together with family

and do a project.

My Mom and my Aunt joined me!

I cut the 20" x 20" heart shape

from 1/4" and 3/8" plywood,

whatever sizes I had.

Then I laid pieces of lath and fence picket

across the top.

Fence pickets are not as thick as fence board.

They are only 3/8" thick so they will be

lay evenly with the lath board.

I use liquid nails adhesive to keep the boards in place.

Then I hammer in 5/8" nails around perimeter of the heart.

Next, turn the heart over and cut  all of the

boards that extend out beyond heart shape

using the plywood heart as your saw guide.

Brush on a wash of watered down brown paint.

Let it dry.

Use cardstock pieces folded in half

to pull paint colors across wood.

Sand over paint if you want more wood exposed.

You can see we have several different color combinations.

Rachel was even making one long distance

and sending pictures.

On hers, she added d ring hangers and ribbon!

On the back of my heart

I used 2 screws and picture wire.

If you want a little more color depth

you can spray with a clear sealer.

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Okay, out to the wood shop you go.

Happy Project,


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dining Chairs Need An Update

These chairs remind me

that I have been painting for decades!

It used to be "more is more".

I love living with "less is more"!

Such a restful palette and clean paint line.

Here are the colors I used:

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For the stripe on the back,

I used a mix of floetrol (paint extender)

and gray.

Basically, floetrol is like a clear glaze

and gives your paints a transparent appearance.

Then I used a straight edge for the fine lines.

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I want my blog to be an idea place.

I try to list my paint colors and design ideas

so you can try it too!

This will be a lot faster than painting one of those bunnies!

Deb : )

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rustic Wooden Angel Wing

Though abstract in it's design,

there's a rustic and humble quality

in the materials and application

on this new wall art.

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I love the reminder that "God is with Me".

Psalm 91:11 "for he will command his angels

concerning you to guard you in all your ways".

And you know I love any chance to use rough board

combinations to create art.

I started with plywood, lath, and picket fence boards.
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First cutting the wing shape from plywood, 

then cutting about 20 pieces of 6" lath,

I used liquid nails and small nails

to attach the lath onto the plywood.

The chevron pattern begins 15" from the top.

The overall wing size is 16" x 39"

Fence pickets were used for the bottom stripes.

After trimming all of my edges,

I stained the entire piece.

Then, while it is still wet,

I use a soft white paint over the surface,

but lifting in some areas so that 

there are spaces where the stain shows through.

I also go back over the white with stain 

depending on the contrast I want on the chevron.

I know this project requires a lot of "building"

and not just painting,

but I had to share because I know there are many of you

like me!

Isn't the old hinge detail fun!

Now I have my eyes open at flea markets

to find interesting hinges.

And , of course, that's just where a hinge would go

so the wing can open - ha!

It can hang vertical or horizontal.

I hope you all, my project friends,

could identify the shape without reading the title.

Some of the fam had no idea what it was,

guessing anything from ice cream cone to boomerang

to acorn. (sigh)

All of my excitement and hard work on my angel wing

became a "Christmas Quiz" in our house

every time someone new came in the door.

Yay, I was so excited when 

some of my holiday visitors recognized the shape right away!
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I know - I'm on another planet : )

Hope you might give it a try,


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