Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making A Blessings Board

Blessings, old boards, and the color red...
Won't that make a great combination
for a sweet February project!
Or what about this idea -
A place to hang Christmas Stockings too!
Good old fence board,
a diluted raw umber,
and black paint
make the base.
Two of my favorite reds are next.
Chalk transfer the lettering.
Shade with camel
and a black liner brush.
I used hooks from Hobby Lobby.
You can usually find them half price.
Here are my fixin's
for my sweet blessings.
Black matting board,
tea stained paper,
sepia toned photos,
bakers twine,
Put it all together
for wall art that will bless your home
and make you smile.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chippy Paint on Colorful Dresser Knobs

It's like a vase of fresh flowers...
these colorful chippy paint knobs!
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Just a bowl of colorful hardware
with a chippy old paint styling
is a fun blast of texture.
I need that in January!
I'm already thinking spring color and warm weather.
I really didn't have any plan to post about this
but when these colors made me happy on this rainy day
I thought they might make you happy too.
They started out black and were great that way too.
But the color adds such a nice pop
that will go with Dane's comforter...
a mix of blue, green, red and orange.
To get the chippy look:
Your base coat will be what you want to show through.
It's great if it can be a semi-gloss base
but other finishes work too.
When you put the first coat of paint on
it will be a faded washed out look.
To get the vibrant color
you will need to apply about 3 coats.
After it dries,
Brush on Polycrylic Sealer.
While it is wet or damp,
take a paper towel and rub off color in places.
Now you have the chippy paint look!
Here are the paint color details:
You can find paint detail for the dresser here.
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Sharing my little bowl of color
with you today!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boys Blue Dresser Paint DIY

Hi Painting Friends!
I have so much old furniture in my garage
just waiting for a new do.
It has been so cold out there
I haven't wanted to go out and paint.
But there's no stopping me
from bringing this large dresser
in the house!
I'll just set up shop in my living room
and give this large chest of drawers
some personality for a boy's bedroom.
This is such a nice large dresser.
Black to begin with which is always a nice basic.
But Paula wants some personality for her son's bedroom.
Because it has a shiney surface,
I hand sanded a little all over.
After wiping it down
I double loaded my paintbrush
with gray and blue semi-gloss.
Semi-gloss makes such a nice brush on finish.

I also like that some of the black shows through slightly.
Then I taped off a stripe and brushed in some gray
across the top reds and blues.
I chalked in the numbers from a template
that I sketched and filled them in with black paint.
I like the simple design...
separated gray and blue brush stroke,
varsity horizontal striping,
and stacked number styling...
Great for a boy's room of any age.
Heck, I even like this personality for my house
in any room.
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Now that was fun!
Can't wait to be back posting about my next paint project.
I hope this gives you all some ideas
and inspiration for your own homes,
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kid's Playcloset - Dollhouse, Firestation, Mirrors

Hi Friends!
Last week I told you about
this Children's Playcloset I was working on
and I shared  The Tree Growth Charts.
Today I'll show you the other pieces in the room.

I built shallow "shadow-box" style dollhouses
that will mount onto the wall. 
They are only 4" deep.
There is also a Fun Firestation.
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I really like these fun mirrors
that I built around $5 dorm mirrors.
They add a lot of whimsy.
Along with these
there is a large pegboard
and chalkboard/corkboard combined.
There are several other pieces of flat wall art
that will be throughout the room...
clouds, stars, flowers, birds.
Here is my paint palette board
along with fabric samples.
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Fun and Whimsical.
Bright and Cheery.
It should make a great play space.
I hope this gives you some ideas for kid's rooms.
Have a great day!
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