Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Paint Acorn and Autumn Leaf Art

Hey Painting Friends!
Get your brushes out.
We're going to put layer over layer of paint.
Just like fall - full of beautiful blends of color.

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You know me,

I love a textured board surface.

That, in itself, lends to interest in the way color lays.

Plus, I'm a little bit country. ha.

So starting with the fence board build,

put a wash of dark brown black all over.

After that dries, paint on an off white (Quill)

lifting brush on the edges.

I made a rough sketch

(need new art paper : )  )

Because I want a translucent look on this piece,

I'm going to use a lot of clear glaze to extend my paint.

First dip your brush in clear glaze,

then half in buttermilk and half in antique gold

and paint entire leaf.

Then concentrate the shading in the bottom right of the leaf.

First layer apricot glaze,

then raw sienna,

then Georgia clay,

then napa red,

then raw umber,

allowing each layer to dry first.

Oh, I also added some citron green.

If paint is too heavy,

lightly rub off with paper towel.

That will keep the translucent look.

Base the acorn in apricot and green.

Then shade with raw sienna and raw umber.

(or a mix of rich brown that you will also use for cap)

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Use Raw Sienna with glaze on a small flat brush

for edge and leaf details.

On the very outer edges of the fence board,

you can add more brown by using a flat brush

and pulling color in on the edge.

I have other paint and build tips in

The acorn and leaf is a simple graphic

that will make a fun fall color statement

on your front door or wall.

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Hope you try it!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Painting My Kitchen Wall with Chalkboard Paint

Love to doodle?
Have fun with sayings and quotes?
Like to change up design?
Then a chalkboard wall
might be a fun play place for you too!

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I know -

Decisions  Decisions

to paint a wall black.

Oh, I've done that before.

So easy to change out if you don't like it.


After 2 coats of Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint...

After 3 days, condition the wall with chalk

by laying the chalk on it's side and

rubbing all over, then wiping off with a dry cloth.

Here it is partly conditioned.

I love the movement in the finish.

Then let the fun begin!

Dear Lillie has great Chalkboard Art.

So I took one of her designs and tweaked it a little

for my coffee corner in my kitchen.

This will be a fun play place for me -

changing on a whim.

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Chalkboard Trend Groupie,


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Monday, October 21, 2013

Craft Party Makes Wood Planked Trivets

Girls + Crafts
= Party!
Now that's some fall fun.
We're making Wood Planked Trivets,
an idea I found over at A Beautiful Mess.
There is great direction there on assembly detail.
We made some fall themed trivets
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and some layered paint stripes.
My Dad helped me cut all of the furring strips
(82 cents for an 8' board at Menards)
into 8" sections
and drill press each section with 1/4" holes
about 1 1/2" in from edge.
The trees are telling me it's time,
so come on girls,
Let's go.
Grab your 5 wood sections.
Sand and put a wash of paint on.
For the fall themed trivets,
assemble everything before basing in white.
For the striped trivets,
paint each board before assembly.

Go Girls






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Truly a day of abundant blessing -
together with friends and family.
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