Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gray and White Arrow Dresser

I'm still loving the whole

gray and white trend.

The colors are so easy to live with.

So, a gray and white palette with arrow art

make a fun paint design for an old dresser.


Here are some tips 

on how it went from "before" to "after".

It did need some sanding,

especially on top.

Then I used a coat of deglosser.

Next, I brushed on Zinnser oil based primer.

It provides a great bond coat.

It dries to touch in 30 minutes

and to recoat in one hour.

My next coat was a textural application

using one puddle of white

and one puddle of gray.

Dip one side of your brush in white

and the other in gray.

Apply in figure 8 motion 

over entire surface.

For the top coat, now,

I repeat the two color application,

but add floetrol or clear glaze to my brush first.

This way, the paints will blend better

and you will get a feathery blended look.

You will still be able to see two colors.

It will be a faded and softened look.

Then, using a small flat brush,

I painted the white arrow and stitch detail.

You can use your finger to smudge in the white

on the arrow tip to get a chalky look.

The glass knobs add a little sparkle

without obstructing the design.

Isn't it fun to see how paint transforms

those old pieces!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Paint a Canvas Pumpkin Door Hanging

I'm back with another pumpkin painting today!

Last week, I shared a rustic white pumpkin

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that I painted on rough planked boards.

This one is very basic, because you start with

a  16" x 20" canvas panel 

that you can purchase at a craft store or Walmart.

Just leave it white

and sketch a pumpkin shape onto you canvas.

Use aqua and white paint.

Fold a small piece of card stock paper

and drag and pull paint across canvas

all around the perimeter of the pumpkin,

leaving the center white.

Now with your paper dipped in one side white

and one side camel,

pull and shade edges and curves.

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When you want to fine line an edge,

hold your card stock on it's side and pull.

For a very fine line,

don't fold the card stock, 

just use an open single edge.

Paint stem with raw umber and camel or tan.

When you shade any areas,

you can use a baby wipe

and pull and blend paint

on right and lower edges.

Add grommets and ribbon at top.

Now you have a fun fall welcome.

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Enjoy your fall projects!


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