Friday, October 7, 2016

How to Paint Rustic Pheasant Feather Wall Art

Harvest, Cornhusks, and Pheasant Feathers...

things that remind me of fall.

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I thought I would share a few painting tips

on the pheasant feather wall art.

First I love that it is a big long piece.

I used 2 cedar fence boards, 55.5" long.

So the piece measures 11 x 55.5".

Based in a brown wash

(watered down brown paint).

Let that dry.

Paint the next coat a white and grey mix,

lifting at the edges to get a worn edge look.

I sketched a chalk line shape of the feather.

Using a a folded piece of cardstock paper,

I dipped in tan and outlined the feather.

Then filled in pulling from the outside to the inside.

The first tan color I used ended up being too light.

I would start with a mix of Folk art camel and Raw Sienna.

I used a brown stain too.

I was trying to achieve a golden brown.

On the first go round,

I drug wide brown stain stripes with the cardstock.

You could use a dark brown paint. It will dry faster.

Then I painted a little more raw sienna and brown to make it darker.

Then I used a brush to paint a little black over the stripes.

On the lower right side of the feather, I splattered

some camel color and then some brown.

Paint finer detail black random stripes here.

On the edges I used dark brown 

and used my brush to pull in a feathered look.
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If it is not feathered enough,

use your gray and pull from the outside to the edge of the feather.

This will help make it look airy.

I think this would be a great outdoor welcome

with some pumpkins!

Hope you try it!


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Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to Paint a Pet Portrait

Hey creative friends!

I like simple brush strokes

and rustic paint styling.

I thought I would share

how you can use a simplified tracing method

to achieve a textured pet portrait.

Here are some cute beach dogs -

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First start with your pets photo

and you will need to put it into photoshop.

Brighten the photo and give it a lot of contrast

so you can clearly see your pet's  face.

Create a new layer on top of the photo

and trace your pets outline and features.

Print onto paper and transfer onto your board.

I did a chalk transfer onto brown washed boards.

Using the easy dip and drag paint method,

with cardstock, drag paint across boards

around the outline of your pet.

You could certainly try this on canvas too,

but won't have quite as much texture.

I used a brush for the sky.

Then I chalked in the finer details of the face.

Now you have  a good outline

and can use a brush or cardstock 

to fill in areas with color.

You will need finer brushes for the eyes.

Even if you don't have a photo of your dog on a beach,

it would be fun to put him on a beach!

Hope you give it a try!


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