Sunday, December 7, 2014

Old Dresser turns Coffee Table

Here's a fun idea

for a furniture redo.

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Megan inherited an old dresser from Grandma

and cut it down to coffee table size.

The wood was stripped down to it's natural state.

After applying some Early American stain,

I ran a black glaze along the edge.

Then for the worn white look,  

I used vaseline on the edges for a paint resist.

After the white paint dries, sand the edges.

Now you have the farmhouse style

combining chippy white and natural wood.

I love the idea of finding ways 

to make Grandma's old furniture

updated and functional.

Now if you see an old dresser with drawers missing

or heavy water damage on the bottom,

remember there is still hope for restoration!

Happy Painting,

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Friday, October 24, 2014

New Country View - Pumpkin Craft

My favorite things

about my new home

are the country views.

That means my windows are priority.

Windows and light are highest on my list in my home design.

You can see my first fall craft 

back in the kitchen window.

It is a giant pumpkin top.

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You could sit one on a mantel or buffet

or even above a door.

Here are some pictures of the how to:

Base paint white.

Add raffia and grapevine wire.

So I'm barely moved in, but had to add some autumn whimsy!

Phew, I've been without internet for 3 weeks

and have been in boxes, sorting and organizing.

It will be good to get back to my paint brushes!

Blessings friends,


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