Friday, October 24, 2014

New Country View - Pumpkin Craft

My favorite things

about my new home

are the country views.

That means my windows are priority.

Windows and light are highest on my list in my home design.

You can see my first fall craft 

back in the kitchen window.

It is a giant pumpkin top.

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You could sit one on a mantel or buffet

or even above a door.

Here are some pictures of the how to:

Base paint white.

Add raffia and grapevine wire.

So I'm barely moved in, but had to add some autumn whimsy!

Phew, I've been without internet for 3 weeks

and have been in boxes, sorting and organizing.

It will be good to get back to my paint brushes!

Blessings friends,


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paint A Sign for your Dining Room

As Fall approaches,

I think about family dinners,

getting together, and giving thanks.

This DIY Sign will be a great addition 

for your dining room.

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Painted with gray and white stripes

and arrow details,

"Gather, Give Thanks, and Feast"

could really be for anytime of year.

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The sign dimension is 21" x 27".

Using fenceboards,

old or new,

here is how they are attached on back.

Now for a watered down brown paint wash.

Then alternate gray and white stripes

using a light application so that you leave

some of the under color showing through.

I used "River Stone" Minwax acrylic stain for the gray.

I did add just a slight bit of brown to it.

I also mixed a bit of black with the gray for another grunge layer.

That was just a light application to darken some of the edges.

On the back side of my pattern,

I used pencil transfer - easier to read on the white stripes,

and a chalk transfer - easier to read on the gray stripes.

I also used the River Stone acrylic stain for the lettering.

Cheryl was painting with me today

and made a sign of her own

with the white and gray stripes.

I know you are thinking already

about what sentiment you want on your sign!

Here is a template for the 

"Gather, Give Thanks, and Feast"

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This is such a fun time of year

decorating our homes for fall.

I can't wait to hammer a nail in one of my new walls!

Coming soon...

cabinets and trim are going in now.

I had to go to my daughter's house

to find a wall to photograph my sign today!

Thanks for stopping by!


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