Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Box Coffee Table

This reminds me of my beach art.

So I'm calling it a 

"Beach Box" coffee table.

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What I like most about it are the

textured shades of blue and gray.

And, since it has a hinged lid, 

it really could be a storage trunk,

toy box,

or side table too.

This one will be a coffee table for my daughter's

living room.

She found a picture of a coffee table online

that we are trying to imitate.

I used a large sheet of wood that I picked up at Menards

for the top of the box.

I stained that with "Provincial"

I used plywood, furring strips, and fence board

for the build.

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Then for the fun paint part.

After basing everything in a brown wash,

I pulled paint across the rough fence boards

using a piece of folded cardstock.

I like to call that "dip and drag".

Layering multiple colors is my favorite part!

So many fun possibilities for color and function

with this piece.

Hope you have some fun projects too!


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