Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wood Chevron Pattern on Side Table

Loving these two current trends - 



Natural Wood.

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A great combination for this little side table!

I saw this idea over at Thistlewood Farms.

Rachel, my daughter-in-law, loved it too

and had the perfect accent table

for this project.

We took out the glass top

and cut a piece of underlayment for the top.

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We removed the intricate wood corner brackets

and replaced them with a clean line board trim.

We used 5" lath boards to make our pattern.

Use wood glue to attach lath to board.

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Trim edges with jigsaw.

Fill in blank spaces with small pieces of lath.

We used Early American Stain

and Polycrylic Gloss Sealer.

Here it is in Rachel's home!

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Great texture and line!

Cottage Cute.

Here's to handmade homes,


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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chalkboard Photo Frames Painted on Side Table

Here's another great place

to display photos in your home!

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I had a side table with a glass top

so I gave it a chalkboard look with paint.

I painted the body with white chalk paint 

and sanded the edges.

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Then I wiped on clear wax

followed by black wax on the edges.

For the top,

I base painted black.

Then after loading my brush with clear glaze,

I dip half of the brush in white and half in black

and apply in a figure 8 motion.

Chalk your pattern onto table

using a damp paper towel to make corrections.

Now I have the pattern laid out.

Spray with a clear sealer.

The chalk lines will fade but still be visible.

 Using a liner brush with white paint,

lightly brush over lines so you can still see 

fuzzy irregular chalk pattern.

On the circle chalk design,

use your finger to rub on the white paint

for chalk like appearance.

You can spray seal again,

but I just left mine.

I sprayed the handles with 

black hammered finish.

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Then I added some black and white photos

and put the glass top on.

Easy to change out.

If you don't have a glass top,

you could decoupage them onto table,

or have glass cut.

Just another way to think about function

for the furniture in your home.

Thanks for stopping by!


A big Thank you to Jessica Blex Photography

for our fun family pictures!!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dried Winter Grass Wreath

Country roads,


and roadside grasses

have a barren beauty

in their natural tones

this time of year.

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Like simple wood grains

and natural baskets,

dried grasses can bring that same

textural feel and color into your home.

Who knew the 60 mph winds that we've been having

would be a help to my wreath project!

My Purple Fountain Grass

has been blown into an almost arch shape. ha!

So I'm going with it -

While it's still standing,

I tied it off in groups with jute twine.

(about 4-5 groups per grass)

Then cut the bunch off below the ties.

Now you'll have several bundles that look like this:

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Secure each bundle again with twine,


Layer them one on top of the other.

Tie as you go.

Remember you want a lot of mass

so stack thick

and work all the way around

tying ends together.

This is what it will look like from the front.

On the back:

Now using individual strands of raffia,

loosely tie to form circle.

It's like a large straw wreath.

Think nest for Spring!


Straw for Fall.

This is a great texture to mix with other

elements in your design.

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Plus - it's almost free!

(except for twine and raffia)

Have fun hunting for natural elements

to decorate with

where you live!

Have a great weekend,


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