Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Paint Large Feather Art

I got my paintbrushes out!

It's so relaxing and energizing at the same time.

I've been so busy learning to design patterns

on the computer and have them printed onto fabric.

Here is a sample of a watercolor flower that I painted

and then put into digital format for fabric printing.

Since I had so much fun painting my blue jay feather,

I wanted to share some steps with you guys

in case you would like one too 

for this Spring and Summer.

I used 4 picket fence boards from Menards.

They are Saw Tex Fence Pickets for 99 cents each.

Base paint off white

lifting your brush at the edges to reveal

unfinished wood .

You can see the faint pencil sketch of the feather

outlined on the boards.

Here is a template for you to look at

and rough sketch.

Then starting at the bottom

with the lightest color,

I work my way to the darkest color on top.

The paints are wet so they blend as they go.

Here are some of the paints

that I used.

While your paints are still wet,

pull from the center out,

blending as you go.

With an up and down motion,

punch in some black horizontal stripes.

Then you can go back over and soften a bit 

by pulling your brush down lightly.

Blend the black out more as you get to the bottom

of the feather. 

Keep your paint application lighter there.

Now for some finishing tips:

Pull in some off white background paint

to make clean cut in sections.

Use a smaller flat brush.

Add some gray fine feathers on the bottom 

with a liner brush.

You can also drag

some white dry brush or black dry brush

over top if you want more lines.

Also run a dark gray or black center line up the middle.

Hope you try it!

I hope to be back with another

paint project soon.

Happy Painting,