Monday, September 16, 2013

My Pottery Barn Look on a Budget

Because I love Pottery Barn style
and because I'm budget brained,
I'm determined to find ways
to "Get the Look".
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You know Red over Black paint layering
is one of my faves.
Base painting in a semi-gloss black...
Double loading a brush of two semi-gloss reds -
Apple Red and Colonial Red-
and brushing over black.
And there you have the look of the
Pottery Barn Red.
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The canvas totes make great accent pieces
with the red furniture.
Here are just a few details  -
Topstitch long edges.
Finish side edges
and stitch right sides together.
Make a box bottom
by stitching across bottom
forming a triangle.
Turn .
Add grommets around top.
put a fabric covered cardboard square in bottom.
I've used the layered red over black
in several paint projects under
the "Painted Furniture" tab
in the menu at the top.
Here is a recent bedroom set:
(including chalkboard headboard
and cork topped nightstand)
Style on a budget.
It's a fun challenge.
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Hope your days are filled with fun projects too!
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Crow and Pumpkin Sign

I'm busting out the orange and black!
Fall. is. coming.

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I always look forward to an autumn paint palette.

For this sign I used fence board

cut into five 11 1/2" pieces.

Attached with thin board on back...

and painted black with picture wire hanger.

For the base paint on the front and sides,

I used Folkart Burnt Sienna, Craftsmart Espresso Brown,

and a semi-gloss black paint.

Dip brush into water and then a mix of the three colors,

paint entire board front and sides

with more black on the edges.

Use an off white (I used Quill from Home Depot's Oympic)

and white to paint the front

leaving the edges dark.

No full coverage.

Okay, so now you have a light base.

Dry brush the oranges over the white

alternating shades.

Mix white with Apricot and

white with Bright orange.

I sketched a pumpkin and crow

and transferred my design onto the striped base.

Raw Sienna Beak.

Raw Sienna and Pure Orange for right and bottom

 Shade on Pumpkin.

Dry brush white and the lighter apricot mix

for center and left side.

Simple Folkart Shapes

with Rustic Style

will add some Whimsy to your door or wall.

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Hope you try it!


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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chalkboard Top Dresser

Hey painting friends!
did you have a refreshing weekend?
So relaxing to sit by the fire, 
listen to the water as the boats cruised by,
and hear the laughter around the lake.

But you know I couldn't go 4 days
without a paintbrush in hand.
So while I was selling furniture and art
out of my garage this weekend,
I was working on this dresser
that I found free roadside!

After priming the top,
I painted it with chalkboard paint.
I was looking for a worn grey color on the sides
so I rubbed Vaseline in places
where I wanted the wood to show through.
Then I painted over that with a mix of black and white.

Then a little sanding exposed the under layers
where I had rubbed on the Vaseline.
For the drawer fronts,
I painted them white with a camel shaded edge
then went back and dry brushed grey
on the edges and corners.
Plus I put very subtle flourish detail
on the left and bottom of the drawers
using lots of glaze so it almost fades into the white.
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The chalkboard top
can be an always changing message board.
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So I was a little productive between
the patio and the boat.
Now I'm excited about fall projects.
I look forward to sharing those!
Have a great week,
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