Thursday, March 28, 2013

Robin Eggs April Calendar Page

Let the chirping begin.
April 1st is right around the corner.
I can hear all of the bird busyness
outside of my window.
That's inspiration for an art project!
Happy Birds and Happy Art.
Though I've always painted the old fashioned way -
I'm learning to digitally paint in photoshop too.
I was a little resistant at first,
but now I love my new computer brush friends.
It's a challenge to achieve the layered texture
that I love
but I'm having fun with something new.
So, here is some computer art
for your April 2013 .
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Click Here to download your page.
(this will take you to my pdf file. 
There will be a lot of "blinkin" download buttons.
You want the one in the middle
that says Robin Eggs April 2013)
I am loving all of the Spring Bird action
here at the lake.
Yesterday we had some pelicans visit.
They will only stay a short time
but I got some video of them on the water.

You can see them Here.
Have a great Easter Weekend,
"This same good news that came to you
is going out all over the world.
It is changing lives everywhere
just as it did yours
that very first day you heard
and understood the truth
about God's
 great kindness to sinners"
Colossians 1:6


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Side Table Makeover - Cottage Chic

I love my job.
Painting furniture and signs.
Usually I am doing something custom.
So it is a real treat to take the time
to paint something for my home,
in the colors that I love.
And it's a love story ta boot.
A little TLC for this guy -
No hope.
What?!  no hope?!
I can see you in there,
you little beachy, cottagey, shabby, lovely.
There you are.
But your journey wasn't easy.
Ridding you of the wasp nests, mud, and cobwebs
meant a good "gut" cleaning
and spray paint under and inside.
Now for a real makeover
we gave you a new top - very trendy you know -
the planked board look.
Lath, at 29 cents a piece will be our wood of choice.
Then some Minwax Early American Stain.
And I know this breaks the rules
but I use a little acrylic Raw Sienna with it.
Now for some ironstone white milkpaint.
And to really make you cottage cute,
lets put a board across the bottom
with a textural basket.
wow, you are shaping up.
I could even love you like that.
(I think that's a song)
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But I could really love you like this.
So let's go back
to the first kiss brush stroke.
blending in white
Clear wax entire piece.
We're going to live happily ever after
(or until I get another paint makeover idea)
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It's like he had a makeover
and now the girls are lining up.
But he's all mine.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Places You Have Lived - In Word Art

Oh the places
we live and love
and what makes them special.
What about jotting your journey down
in word art.
And what about
putting it on something practical
like these folding trays.
It was Jeanne's idea.
She had these TV Trays...
nothing special.
We'll change that in a hurry
with a little bit of paint.
Aquas, Sea greens, Raw Sienna,
Hazelnut Brown, Black, and Camel
will do the trick.
Good ol' Dip and Drag.
Read about that Here,
On this project I taped off the lines
for the lettering,
chalked in the words,
and painted with a small flat brush.
There's a little Raw Sienna Shade
and a liner brush shadow.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Tour - Nell Hills - Kansas City

Get ready for some inspiration girls!
I'm taking you on a picture tour
Owner, Mary Carol Garrity, always has a smile
and makes you feel so welcome in her "home".
Even on a rainy late winter day
I found spring just inside the door.
Nooks and crannies filled with Hedge Apple Green.
A bench that looks like it was made
from a headboard.
Gazebos Galore
The table settings
were so inviting.
So many details to take in...
From outdoor garden
to indoor sophisticated,
there's a style for everyone.
Speechless here.
Such a visual feast.
Now for the upper level...
I could live up here.
I'm such a fabric junkie.
Look at these fun wire lanterns with ribbon
hanging above the check out area.
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I'm so glad I could bring it home with me
in pictures to share with you!
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