Sunday, July 26, 2015

You Are My Sunshine - Arial Bold Font

I'm wanting a bright happy sign for my wall!

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I know you might want one too -

so here are some details.

Using fence boards,

cut 9 pieces

9.25" long.

Cut a utility panel for the back

measuring 8" x 48".

Connect with screws on back.

The sign will measure 9.25" x 49".

Give the whole piece a brown wash.

(water down some brown paint and brush on)

You could use stain too.

The water/paint wash will dry faster.
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Alternate yellows on boards.

I used some egg yolk yellows, toy truck yellows,

yellow ochre, and light apricots

and randomly shaded and overlapped areas

on the second coat.

I had to run a brown brush along the edges afterward

to get the worn look that I wanted.

I used Arial Bold font to create my lettering,

then pencil transferred onto my yellow background.

Then paint white lettering in with a flat brush.

Ta Da!  Happy Art.

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I hope you enjoy this project,


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Monday, July 6, 2015

Arrow Art

I'm loving the arrow trend!

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So Emily and I made a project from the book, "Hand made walls".

Using lath and fence pickets,

we made our arrows 48" long,

and glued and nailed the boards

onto a piece of utility panel.

We gave it a brown wash

and used card stock to drag blue and yellow paint

across the boards.

What a fun summer project!


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