Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Art DIY - Carrot Door Hanging

Ready or not -

(and I know you're ready)

here comes 

some Spring art!

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You can start this project now

and it will be ready for your

front door soon!

I used 1/2" plywood measuring 10" x 40".

Sand all edges.

Paint back and edges gray.

Paint front primer white mix.

Lay out stripes 4" and 3.25" alternating.

(a standard 4x6 photo makes a good template)

Using two colors - gray and white -

brush on stripes.

Enlarge this carrot pattern to fit the 10 x 40 space.

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I made my own mixes of paint - pale orange

and pale green - to try to match the colors

in my photoshop sample.

Paint slightly darker orange stripes.

Put a darker green gray shade on the carrot leaf.

Attach D rings on back.

Add two 32" lengths of ribbon.

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Folk art.

Will make a light hearted 

and graphic impact 

on your wall

or front door.

Hope you try it!


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Friday, February 21, 2014

Cheery Girls Chairs

Craving Cheery Color!

I think it's the side effect of Cabin Fever.

Ready for Spring!

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So for Tween and Teen girls-

gray, white and pink will be 

a fresh palette.

The chairs have a white semi-gloss base.

For the gray, I double loaded my brush

with black and white and

applied in a figure 8 motion.

(adding a bit of glaze on the last coat)

You can make your own stencils

with cardstock and clear packaging tape.

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Also with cardstock,

dip and drag pink and white paint onto surface.

Pulling in different directions

gives me a checked block pattern.

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Here's another one with chevron

and a cupcake : )

Hope this added a bit of cheery color to your day!


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Painted Furniture for Colorado Mountain Home

Surrounded by nature

in a Colorado Mountain Home,

this interior

will reflect the earthy browns and grays

inspired by slate and stone.

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Sharon acquired a wonderful old chest 

that had taken a lot of years of wear.

It was time for a new life.

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Well, a "before" and "after" picture 

make that look easy! ha -not so much.

First, I'm really obsessed with cleaning the interior

because I want my customers to walk away with

a beautiful clean product.

Then, the top was so crackled with paint

that I decided to strip it.

Even after a few stripper applications

and a coat of early american stain,

the wood still had deep grooves of uneven color.

So I used some brown paint with glaze to touch up those areas.

Then I sealed it with a polycrylic.

I did the same treatment for the knobs.

The body of the dresser got a two toned gray brush.

The drawers were primed white

and then layered and layered with a double loaded brush.

Brush on White and Tan.

Brush on White and Gray.

Sharon also had some furniture she wanted 

to coordinate.

So, how about some literal inspiration from the Aspens.

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And then for the round coffee table,

layers of tan and gray with family sentiment

on the perimeter 

add to the restful mountain home palette.

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I can just imagine the setting...

beautiful vistas

and a cozy stone fireplace.

These pieces will be right at home.

Stay Warm Friends!

Thank you for visiting,


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