Monday, July 29, 2013

Dresser Makeover - Brown to White Beach Style

This is why I love paint:
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Not lovin' the old brown beast
gladly invite the new
White beachy color block style!
What a refreshing change.
Happy Colors
will give Susanne's home personality.
A family hand-me-down that
she knew would make a great functional piece.
First thing that had to go
was the flower design.
(sorry grandpa)
Lots of woodfiller.
Lots of sanding.
Then, we even relocated handles
and drilled new holes for knobs.
After base painting
with a white paint and primer in one,
all of the edges were sanded.
Here you can see the nice shabby character
after sanding.
Shop Vac up all of the dust.
Now start adding some fun color.
Peacock blue and Bahama Blue make
a nice water combination.
I used the dip and drag technique
like I did on some of these other pieces:
Here I used a combination of
green, white, yellow, and raw sienna.
Then: yellow, white and Yellow Ochre.
Sand all of the colored edges.
Mix raw sienna, brown, and black
and lightly accent edges with
the dark color.
Adds depth and character.
Then some bling.
Glass and turquoise.
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The old brown dresser just ain't what he used to be.
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What a great reason to love paint.
What beastly browns have you transformed lately?
Have a great day!
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rustic Handmade Wedding

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My Son was married this weekend!
We mixed elegant with rustic
and had a big celebration,
barn dance style.
Rachel had a vision of
burlap and poms,
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even on the card bucket.
We included chalkboards too,
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Mason Jars and Wine Bottles.
remembering loved ones.
So there was handmade detail
in all of the decorations.
I hope to post some tutorials
on the tea-stained poms,
vintage photo in frame,
burlap bows,
and the wine bottle and mason jar centerpieces.
If there is anything you see
that you would like details on making,
just let me know.
Marriage blessings
Rachel and Scott!
What a great weekend,
Thanks for stopping by!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kid's Rocker - Lake Style Paint-Gray and White

Jumping off of the dock,
I love to see the kids at the lake
taking to the water like fish.
So for the new little neighbor at the lake,
he's going to get a "Waconda Minnow" tattoo
(on his chair).
Starting with a basic white,
I double loaded a brush with half gray and half white
for a weathered dock look.
Then dry brushed white over the top of that.
I've always like this charcoal and white look.
It worked great on this table too.
Using super soft shades of aqua, yellow and gray,
I combined a lot of white paint with glaze
to just shade the edges of some of the boards.
Now for the little guy's tag -
I used the "Simon Script" font,
chalked the back,
and pressed with pen from the front
to transfer the lettering.
Here are some other details...
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The colors are really suitable to boy or girl
and would look good in the nursery
or in the living room.
or on the dock.  ha
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A sweet "sit upon"
for the new little neighbor.
Encouraging Lake Love early!
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