Thursday, April 30, 2015

"We're In This Together "Sign

I love the typography trend.

Artful lettering is so full of expression

in design and sentiment.

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So a simple 1 x 8 board 6' long

is straight forward with the heartfelt expression,

"We're in this Together".

Here is my script pattern for you to use:

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Because Life is a journey

and marriage is a blessing

it always comes back to the commitment

that "We're in this together".

I layered white paint over a brown base.

Pencil transfer the letters,

then use a small flat brush,

keeping it on it's side for the upstroke

and flatten and pull on the down stroke.

Use gloss black paint.

Then use a liner brush for a sketch detail

on all of the down strokes.

Just adds an extra bit of personality to the letters.

If you need to correct some mistakes like this:

(You can see some messy lines I tried wiping off)

You can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of those

unwanted paint marks.

Just knowing how to fix things is half the battle.

Kind of like the marriage journey!

I shaded the edges brown.

I love this sentiment on our wall.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Furniture Before and Afters- Round Table and Desk

Just posting today to share some more

painted furniture ideas!

So here are some before and afters.

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You might remember the other striped table top

that I painted:

You can find all of the details here.

So, this little round table had much the same treatment.

Paint stripper for the top.

Paint and Stain together for stripes.

Soften and blend the whole look with stain and paint mix.

Then put semi-gloss polyurethane to make the colors

deep and rich.

Then Tyler brought an awesome desk that his friend built.

Tyler found the look he wanted at Pottery Barn.

He liked both the stained and painted options,

so he decided to combine them.

I applied a wood conditioner to the bare wood.

Then I stained the entire piece in English Chestnut

and painted the base in semi-gloss black.

After sanding the base edges, I reapplied the stain to the those areas.

If you're like me,

you have a pinterest file full of painted furniture ideas.

So these are just some more to add to that : )


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Friday, April 3, 2015

Fresh Updates for Traditional Room - Build Planked Board/Photo Board

Spring is the perfect time

for a fresh update in your home!

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Terri wanted fresh and fun elements

in her living room.

So we took a lovely space and added some 

bright and neutral tones

in a large scale format

(ridding of several smaller decor pieces).

Something about large scale , clean lines, and bright colors

really simplify and change the mood of a room.

Terri's mantel has an outlet that we wanted to hide

and she had several photos she wanted to display.

So here is my idea:

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Now really such a beautiful focal point.

Their family will enjoy changing out photos easily.

(I've just used Scotch tabs on my Photo Board

for a few years now without any paint peel)

We also updated some patterned pillows

with simple solid pillow cases

from Target and Hobby Lobby.

I made the planked display board

so that Terri can interchange decor

over the fireplace.

She can use seasonal wreaths,

a mirror, or a large framed photo, etc.

Now we have it displayed with this wreath from Target.

Here are the boards I used for the tongue and groove planking...

This is the basic construction for the two long photo boards.

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And we're not done yet!

How about her buffet "before and after"

Terri found this large frame at the thrift store

and had the idea to turn it into a magnet board.

Love that!

It was the perfect size for the 24 x 36 sheet of metal

I got at Lowes for about $25.

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Definitely a light hearted space now.

I love that many of the new pieces are interchangeable

allowing the space to be updated on a whim.

Hope you got some fresh and fun ideas for your home!


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