Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black Medallion Chair

Hope you're all having a great day
and looking forward
to another paint project!

My blog header used to say "Craft journal, Art inspirations"
Well, that wasn't happening
so, duh, I changed it to "Painted Furniture and Happy Art"
Now that IS what's happening!
So funny.
It's a journey I guess.

Today, meet Simple Summer Sophisticate.

I say Summer because I used an outdoor furniture fabric
even though this piece would be used inside.
I liked the bold traditional graphic
and medallions.
Because the seat is full of pattern
I decided to use a simple medallion tattoo on the back.

But, of course,
in the beginning
she looked like this:

Not too bad, really.
I bought her at a thrift store for $10.
I had to sturdy her up with some nails and glue.

Her leg needed repair
and I had to cut a new seat.

After sanding, I painted
with a semi-gloss black.
I didn't use a primer this time
because it didn't matter if some brown
would show through.

I wanted to try something different this time.
Usually you find me painting a lighter color
with a darker shade for the edges.
So I wanted to reverse that.
I sanded the edges
and then brushed on a light gray paint
with a little glaze
and then wiped off if it was too heavy.

Then for the medallion
I started with a tiny liner brush
to make the center dot and petals.

using the back end of the brush for the dots.

Use a small flat brush double loaded
(cream on one side of the brush and black on the other)
Make an upside down U motion
closing the petal at the bottom.

Finish up with some dots around the outside
and your medallion tattoo
is good to go.

Moving on to her puffed up seat....

I like my chairs comfy and cushy.

Look at the differnce
in their "sit upons":

Just Sayin'

Here's another one of my sweet girls
with her cute little puffed up seat:

You can find out more about her here.

So, to get that look,
we'll use 3 layers of mattress foam
plus 2 layers of batting.
You can cut 2 foam pieces the same size as the wood seat.
Then you can cut one foam piece
a bit smaller so the seat raises in the center.

Tuck this smaller piece in between the others.

Staple on back of board
as shown here.

After attaching the seat with screws
on the bottom she
is ready for show.

So, though I have typically
painted in a lighter color with a darker edge,
this time I changed it up.

Here is a comparison of the two techniques.

Worn and Comfy.

You can see more on the white chair here.

This Little Lady's Style might be more refined
but she still has a little farmhouse in her
with the shabby edge detail.

You're already thinking
of something you can try this on!
That's my DIY friend!

I always appreciate your visits and comments,  Deb
See you soon.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
at the Lake
is really such a celebration.

In all of the fun
I am just so thankful for the freedom
to live the way we do.

Sharing the weekend
with Friends and Family:

We took boat rides, golf cart rides
Oh yeah....
We had fun selling happy art and painted furniture!

I painted a large dropcloth to use for a backdrop
in my garage.
I was so busy getting ready I don't have many pictures.
But lots of people went home with new happy art
and furniture!

I hope you all had
a great weekend
Celebrating the Start of Summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texture Blast Table

Hey DIY friends!
Have I got some fun for you today.
If you love Paint, Color and Texture
You will like this project.

Pin It!

And best of all,
 it's easy to do.

So let's get started:

Well, first I found an amazingly simple square shaped table
at the thrift store.

It was a very practical piece that I knew would be a great
paint surface.
So after just a little sanding, she's ready to paint.
I didn't sand too much because I wanted the dark wood
to be the underlayer for the paints.
That way I can still see some brown exposed.
No primer for this project either.

I'm using a gloss red paint
and brush on just one coat
so that I can see the darker wood underneath.

The top of the table doesn't get the red paint.
It is still brown wood...
Now we're ready for some fun!

No Paintbrush Required

say What?

Meet your new favorite paint tool:

Cardstock meet DIY girl.

Cut several pieces of Cardstock
the width of the stripe you want.
Mine were 3".
Fold in half.

These will be used to Dip and Drag.

Color Decisions
Layering colors can be experimental
to get the look you want.
I will show you the groupings of colors
that I chose for each stripe.

Here we go

Dip the folded edge of the cardstock
in a bit of each color.

Line the cardstock up against the straight edge
of the table and pull.
Keep adding more paint and pulling.


Use a long straight edge
to run your cardstock along
for the rest of the stripes.

Here are some more color groups
for the stripes.

I sealed the top with a polyacrylic.

Such a fun and easy project!

I'm so drawn to Texture in Paint.
There is something about the aged look and the movement
that make it beautiful.

Of all of the Elements of Design
(Space, Shape, Mass, Texture, Pattern, Color, Line) -
Texture is one of my Faves.
I hope texture is still one of the elements!  I learned those in college
in 1980!
Of course, Pluto was still a planet then.

I'm getting ready
to sell my painted furniture and signs
this weekend here at the Lake.

I will share some pictures
in my next post.
Looking forward to a great weekend!
See you soon, Deb

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