Thursday, March 20, 2014

Old Chairs Spring to Life with Birdwatcher Fabric

I thought I would celebrate

the first day of Spring

with a fun old chair transformation

using Birdwatcher Fabric!

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This was such a fun makeover

because I had a cottage vision 

for these old chairs.

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What a new do they get

when I deconstruct the top

and replace the stuffing with lath board across.

My Dad gave me this old treasure box

of linoleum nails that worked perfect

along with the wood glue.

Now for the inspiration piece that started 

the whole vision...

this Richloom Birdwatcher Fabric

that  Kristen used on her chair makeover.

I purchased it online at The Fabric Finder.

This is my paint palette.

Here are some different color combinations 

that I double loaded and painted on lath.

Gray and white...

Raw Sienna, White, and Dark Brown

Light Tan and Dark Brown

White and Light Brown

Dry Brush White over all boards.

The body of the chair

is painted with a dark brown wall paint

and dark gray.

Dry brush dark gray for the last coat.

So now it has a cottage style back

with lath lined up like a picket fence.

Dry brushing and mixing colors 

give it a barnwood look.

I decided to add a rustic pillow option

for the comfort factor.

But they can be use either way.

I cut up a coffee bean bag.

Made stencils.

Made ties out of the birdwatcher fabric.

Adding some pillow charm.

Kitto and I were enjoying the sunshine

this first day of Spring.

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Hope you're enjoying sunshine where you are!


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Furniture Before and Afters

So many furniture pieces.

So little time to post about them : )

Paintbrush is priority most days.

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This is such a sweet shape -

a small chest of drawers

that looked like this before:

The top was rough.

After stripper and stain,

I applied polyurethane with

folded foam.

(using a smidge of paint thinner to extend)

A palette of blue, gray, and raw sienna

combined to make a nice layered look

on the drawer fronts.

Drag the paint with folded cardstock.

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Here are some more before and afters:

These will be display pieces 

for a flower shop.

How about this for

"work from home" style.

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Paint and fabric on vinyl:

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The great thing about painted furniture blogs

is the exchange of ideas.

There's hope for almost every piece of old furniture!

Happy painting,


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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Burlap Bunny Banner

Time for a Spring Craft Party!

Taking many of the fun trending elements:
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yarn poms,


natural wood,

gray and white,

and putting them all together

make a sweet spring door welcome

or wall art.

To give the burlap a good firm base,

I used canvas (duck cloth) 

and painted it with 

watered down white flat paint.

Let it dry overnight.

You may need to paint the other side

to give it more stability.

Turn the edges under and glue with tacky glue.

Your canvas base will measure

18 1/2" x 25 1/2".

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Cut a burlap rectangle measuring

15 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Pull off 4 threads from all 4 sides.

Hot glue two 18 1/2" pieces of lath

(we put a brown paint wash on ours)

to top and bottom of canvas.

Hot glue burlap around edges

(inside of fray)

to the center of the canvas.

Paint with white or cream inside of stencil.

Here is the stencil that I made in photoshop,

printed on cardstock,

covered front and back with packaging tape,

and cut out design.

I made another stencil that said 

"happy spring".

Many of the girls used that one.

Here is the pattern:

We made yarn poms

in gray, cream, and yellow

and attached with glue from the back.

Then trimmed up a smaller pom for the tail.

We used 1 yard lengths of chevron ribbon

cutting in half lengthwise.

Hot glue to back

(placing at an angle)

Double knot.

Then a bow.

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Always fun crafting with the girls!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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