Monday, August 27, 2012

"Marry Me" Wall Art/Frame

They're Engaged!

Scott popped the question
and Rachel said "Yes"
(actually she didn't hear the question
because she started to cry when she saw him
on his knee with a ring!)

I'll make sure she knows
with the "marry me" text
on the engagement gift
that I am making for them.

Rachel can hang it in her apartment
along with all of her

I tried a couple of new things
in this tutorial...
homemade chalk paint
ink jet letter transfer.
I am not your "go to" girl on either of these.
I'm a newbie at both.
So I still have a lot to learn.

I used 3/8" plywood cut 20" x 20"

I painted the back and sides black.
The top side got a mix of Black and Burnt orange.

My white homemade chalk paint seemed a little thick
but after it dried and I sanded it,
this was the look I was going for.
(painting white over the black/orange)

I added black to all of the edges using the side of my flat brush.

Now for the fun part...
thinking up "wedding words"
and love sentiment!

Have you noticed that women love their husbands
in our blogland circle?
I have.
Love that!
Just sayin.

So I laid out the lettering in Photoshop
using two bolder fonts,
Action of the Times

Then you need to make sure to flip the canvas
before you print.
This technique works with an inkjet printer.

Center on board.
Work in 3-4" square sections.
Having only a slight amount of water on your brush,
wipe over lettering,
then immediately rub the area with the side of a marker
or something similar for pressure.

That will leave a faded layout lettering pattern.

Then using a variety of sizes of flat brushes,
paint over the lettering.
That probably took an hour.

Then sand and run a white dry brush over lettering.

I painted the frame black and then sanded
and spray sealed both the board and frame.

Measuring in on the sides of the back
I anchored the frame to the board with two screws.
The screws can just be backed out to change pictures.

Ta Da!
Time to Celebrate their Engagement!

Weathered expressions
that never get old.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Furniture Redo in Red

Even though I paint almost everyday,
I'm still amazed at how paint can transform
old tattered furniture.
It's a quick fix that will extend the life of a piece.
The best part is
that it can be done at little cost.
(except for the elbow grease spent sanding and prepping!)

My neighbor is fixing up a bedroom.
She has two old dressers that need some love.
We're going to treat them
to this rich red layered look...

The first dresser is a vanity with mirror.
Here is the Before and After:

The other dresser is a tall chest.
Here is the Before and After.

I wish I had pulls to show you
on the tall dresser.
Darn, that's the part that's the most fun...
finishing off a piece with it's hardware.
Many times my customers want to choose their own
after it's painted.
She will have fun picking those out!

You might remember that I used
this color on the Nautical Compass Dresser.

I also used it on the Texture Blast Table.

This red over black paint finish
is one of my favorites.
Love to see the paint layers.

Beginning with a coat of Rustoleum Black Primer Spray,
then following up with one coat of

Next I'm ready for the red.

I like to use two colors of red.
and another bright red,
both in gloss,
dip one side of the brush in bright
and one side of the brush in Colonial.
Try keeping strokes straight back and forth,
not in a criss cross motion.
Remember to leave some black show through.
You want those warm undershades.
This paint will dry quickly
so you can work at a good pace
and this will be a speedy project!
(again, except for that part about the elbow grease..
but that was my husband's elbow...  : / 

This is really such an easy paint technique
that gives lots of beautiful layering.
Red over Black.

Is there a Red Redo in your future?

Happy Painting!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making a Fall Sign

There's a beautiful Season coming around the corner...


I love this time of year
and I look forward to my fall craft shows.
Because I make and sell art
I have to always be thinking forward
to the next season.

I have so many new ideas
and can't wait to get to them!

Today I want to share some rich fall color...

Such warm and homey colors
Raw Sienna
Burnt Orange
Colonial Red
Russet Brown

And then a fun fall saying ta boot!
I've seen the "Happy Fall y'all"  signs
but I haven't seen this combination before.
You think it's going to be the serious "Faith Family Friends",
but then turns into a smile at the end. : )

I use 3/8" Plywood cut 7 1/2" X 46"
Yep, 46".  It's a long dude.

I use beaded paneling cut 3 beaded sections x 44".

Sand and wipe down.
Base paint paneling
with a mix of
Raw Sienna,
Georgia Clay,
and Russet Brown

Keep the darker colors on the edges.
Keep the Raw Sienna on the center strip.

Paint the very backside of the Plywood black
so it will be finished on the back.
Paint the front edges of the plywood

Russet Brown

(I used a gloss black here, but any finish would be fine)

Then I splattered the edges of the plywood
with the orange Georgia Clay.

I also used the side of a large flat brush
to drag orange across the very edges.

I made my text layout in Photoshop.
Many times I just transfer the lettering with pencil
like I did here on my beach sign.
This time I actually cut a stencil.
After I printed my lettering, I taped them together,
then I put clear packaging tape all over the front and back.
Then I cut the letters.
It took about an hour to cut the letters out
but if I make several signs it will be worth this extra time.

Now I can quickly brush in the outline of the lettering with a primer.

Now that I have the outline and placement
I can tape off the bottom and top edge with painter's tape
and hand brush over the letters.

Then finish with the drop shadow
on the right and on the bottom edges of the letters
with gloss black and a fine liner brush.

Using 1/2" sheet metal screws,
attach the beadboard to the plywood back.
I also used extra screws on the back
to make it more secure front to back.
Then using 2 of the same size screws,
attach picture wire around each and then tighten.
Now you have a hanger.

On the front side
add some Colonial Red around the beadboard.
Using a flat brush and the beadboard
as a guide, brush some red onto the plywood.
This is the red that I used:

Then I sprayed the sign with a clear gloss Krylon.
That really adds depth of color.

Still lovin' the Summer Days,
breaking out the fall paint colors!

Hope you're enjoying your week,

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