Sunday, August 4, 2013

Large Photo Transfer Art for $15 - with Pallet Frame

If you love handmade,
you'll have fun making this
custom large scale art for your home.
This piece measures 35" wide x 30" tall.
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Although this project isn't difficult,
you will need access to Photoshop
or another photo editing program
that can enlarge the image size.
Choose a photo and open in photoshop.
You might want to choose a photo
that doesn't have a lot of detail
because there will be places
where the picture has a vintage rubbed off look.
Also, the higher the photo resolution, the better.
(say at least 200)
Also, your photo image will be flipped when you transfer,
so if you need to, "flip horizontal" before resizing.
Avoid a lot of red in the photo you choose.
Click image>image size.
I set my width for 30"
and it automatically sets the height.
Now to print .
Uncheck the "Center Image" box in the "position" section.
Begin by clearing both the top and left numbers.
This means you will start printing the very upper left
of the photo first.
Print the upper left page,
then  (leaving "top" blank)
type in a negative number in the "left" box
until you work your way across the page
printing all parts of your photo.
For my large picture,
I had about 4 pages across the top
and 4 pages across the bottom.
I printed all 8 pages (regular computer paper)
 on my inkjet printer.
I overlapped them very slightly and held them together on the back
with a small amount of tape.
So I had a large pieced together poster of the photo.
Cut thin board the size of the photo.
Paint White.  Dry.
Brush on a coat of Mod Podge
covering entire board.
Place photo poster face down on mod podge.
Press printed paper onto board using a plastic card.
Let Dry.
I let mine dry overnight.
Use a damp rag or paper towel to wet paper
and peel and rub off.
That's the fun part - to see the reveal!
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Remember, this is a rustic, vintage look -
there will be places that look like they are worn off.
I used pallet boards for the frame.
To get a richer color
I brushed on a light watered down wash
of gray and brown and black in places.
Then sealed the boards with gloss acrylic.
Panel board - $5
Printer ink - $5
Mod Podge - $3
Paint and Screws - $2
Your Custom work of art
with big impact for a few dollars.
You can always experiment with an 8x10,
an easy one page transfer first.
I'm already planning my next photo transfer
using a nature scene!
Hope you try it,
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Unknown said...

This is an awesome tutorial, and I love the look of the finished product! I have a huge frame that is empty because I don't want to pay for a huge print. Thanks for this, I'll be getting busy on this soon! Found you via the Sunday Showcase! New follower :)

Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE this - I've only used Artisan Enhancements for transfers
( very expensive ) and never photograph ) would love to do a wedding photo from my daughters wedding in June - definitely pinning this - thanks so much for the tutorial!

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Great tutorial! I love this, pinning!

Twice Nice said...

I have so been researching how to do this for a table I have! Love it! Thanks for sharing, and your piece is so very cool!!

Lauren said...

Wow, this is stunning. I use to be a photographer so I love photos. What a cool idea. I love the look of it with the pallet frame. I would love it if you would share this over at my link party that is going on.

Kayla @ Home Coming said...

SO pretty. I love that photo too! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!

Krista Aasen said...

This is so awesome Deb!! I will definitely be pinning to try this myself...

Allison said...

You're too smart! Love the finished product. Dropping by from Met Monday.

Unknown said...

How cool are you!! Your picture & frame are just perfect together!! Thanks for this post, I'm excited to try this :) Michelle

Rachel said...

I have seen this before and always wanted to try it. Looks wonderful. How fun! :)

Rebecca @ Literary Spring Designs said...

Great tutorial. I love the rustic look. I've tried doing transfers and choosing pictures where the details don't matter as much is great advice.

~Lisa~ said...

Very neat! LOVE it!

Jenn said...

I absolutely love this! Oversized photos are always a favorite of mine and this rustic look is awesome!!

Patty Antle said...

Great tutorial! I would love to try transfer art someday.

Gina Kleinworth said...

Very cool!!! I will definitely be trying this!!!

Thanks for the tutorial.

leslie said...

This is gorgeous...and you did it for $15? Great job! This would be great to link up to my Create It Thursday post…it's live now!

Leslie @ Lamberts Lately

Feral Turtle said...

This is too cool Deb. Definitely gonna try this one! Thanks for sharing and I am pinning this.

Lauren said...

I am featuring your photo transfer over on my blog today. Thanks for linking it up. I hope to see you tomorrow for another link party.

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This is such a fabulous idea and I love it. Great art. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

Kathy said...

Awesome! I can't wait to try this - Pinning!!! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Wonderful tutorial! I don't have Photoshop so I'll have to translate a bit but I can't wait to try it!

Debra@CommonGround said...

wow, I really love this. thanks for sharing the "how-to"!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing. I'm just curious, what kind of a panel board did you use?