Friday, January 2, 2015

White and Natural Wood Sideboard

I'm loving the combination

of Worn White and Natural Wood.

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What a fresh update 


an old piece of furniture.

Great lines,  but not a lot of personality.

Keeping the top natural by stripping and sealing,

keeps some old wood grain charm.

I also added some depth on the top by using a black edge.

Combine floetrol (paint extender) with some black paint

and run along the edges.

Then, my "go to" for worn white

has been using a vaseline resist for the edges

and then combining a white and off white for the body.

Sand the edges.

Add some baskets.

Now that's some Farmhouse Style Charm.

This Sideboard will find a home

with some other farmhouse pieces.

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You can find more about the table and chairs here.

Here are the details on the coffee table.

Hope you are thinking up some fun redos

for the new year!


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Elizabeth BlueClearSky said...

The sideboard looks great! I love piece with white paint and stained tops. Wishing you all the best in 2015.

Leslie said...

gorgeous. Happy New year.

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb! You did a lovely job on this piece! It's very classy in white grounded with natural wood tones. Beautiful!

SmithShack71 said...

Looks good as usual, Deb!
Hope you're having a fabulous new year, woman!


Feral Turtle said...

Simply gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and your family Deb!

Twice Nice said...

Deb, love the look of the sideboard! It looks very updated and fresh!

Amanda Fettig said...

So pretty! I love the look of the wood and distressed/aged white bottom as well! I'm hoping to do something similar as an entryway table. I love the black on the edges, I haven't seen that before!