Saturday, May 13, 2017

Planked Wood Wall Art - Butterfly

Get ready creative people.

Get a bundle of lath and your wood burner out

and lets make 

a large rustic, wood planked butterfly!

Wouldn't this be a fun piece for your porch or patio area.

It would be so cute in a girl's bedroom.

I have mine in the entry.

Although it looks as if it were cut and pieced,

I actually used my wood burner to get the effect.

I thought it was time saving but achieved the look

I was going for.

I was inspired by Olive and Grain

You should see their beautiful pieced reclaimed work.

I cut a piece of utility panel 30.75" x 48".

I laid out my lath boards and used power grab adhesive.

Put weight on your boards and let dry overnight.

The most time consuming effort 

was in calculating measurements,

and I've done that for you ,

so it should go smooth!

Here are the pattern marks.

Measure in from the sides and mark with chalk.

These are the lines you will use to wood burn.

After the wood burning,

I gave the whole piece a light brown wash.

Now for the fun paint part!

I used greys, blues, off white, ivory,

and even a metallic gold for one board.

You know you want to try it!

I sure hope you do.

It's so good to have your hands busy.

Trying new and different techniques

gets your creativity flowing!




Anonymous said...

I just loved this project! You have the best ideas!! I can see this on my fence--at a wedding--a shower--over a piano--it is a statement piece!! Thank you for giving the help tips too.Gwen

Peggy Kennedy said...

Deb, I just happened onto your site and find your creativity boundless and encouraging. Thank you for sharing, you make it look so easy!

Deb Hrabik said...

Thank you Gwen and Peggy! I really appreciate hearing from you and love to help make handmade homes.
Much appreciation,

Linda said...

Lots of hard work here! Looks great!
Can you tell me what stain you used for your brown wash?

Deb Hrabik said...

Hi Linda,
I actually used brown acrylic paint mixed with half water. This way it dries super fast.
Thanks so much!