Thursday, April 30, 2015

"We're In This Together "Sign

I love the typography trend.

Artful lettering is so full of expression

in design and sentiment.

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So a simple 1 x 8 board 6' long

is straight forward with the heartfelt expression,

"We're in this Together".

Here is my script pattern for you to use:

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Because Life is a journey

and marriage is a blessing

it always comes back to the commitment

that "We're in this together".

I layered white paint over a brown base.

Pencil transfer the letters,

then use a small flat brush,

keeping it on it's side for the upstroke

and flatten and pull on the down stroke.

Use gloss black paint.

Then use a liner brush for a sketch detail

on all of the down strokes.

Just adds an extra bit of personality to the letters.

If you need to correct some mistakes like this:

(You can see some messy lines I tried wiping off)

You can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of those

unwanted paint marks.

Just knowing how to fix things is half the battle.

Kind of like the marriage journey!

I shaded the edges brown.

I love this sentiment on our wall.

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Artsy VaVa said...

I love the sign!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love this Deb!

NitkaDesign said...

Well done and well said:-)
Greetings from Poland:-)

Feral Turtle said...

It certainly is a A wonderful sign Deb. Thanks for sharing your tips on fixing mistakes!

20 North Ora said...

Love this piece and the sentiment!


Anonymous said...

Deb, this is wonderful message sign (good for families, too). I admire your work, and particularly,the elegant design. Thank you for the rubbing alcohol tip. You inspire me! -Ginene

Deb Hrabik said...

Ginene! That is such a great idea that it is a good message for families too. I really appreciate your note,

Seeking Lavender Lane said...

I love the black and white simplicity in this sign. The wording is just perfect!


Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Your lettering is always so pretty! I'm liking the rubbing alcohol trick. Makes you human!

Unknown said...

This is so adorable. I love the design and the stripes. Its just perfect! Thanks for sharing it at Totally Terrific Tuesday :) Love having you party with us!!