Monday, December 9, 2013

Coca-Cola Bottles with Rosemary Clippings


I told you I couldn't resist

a blast of red.

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As hard as I tried

to keep everything neutral...

I couldn't hold back

the Christmas reds.

Rummaging through boxes

of Christmas decorations,

my garage is a mess.

So I was on a mission to get some furniture

out of there.

I gave myself one afternoon to transform this sideboard

with just a quick multi-color paint ...

white and light chocolate,

and a freshly sanded top with sealer.

It became the perfect place

for all of my Coca-Cola reds

to land.

My rosemary clippings had been rooting

in a pitcher out in my garage,

so those came in too for the Holidays!

Perfect in my cola bottles.

I hope to plant them and make little topiaries soon.

A little bit of red and white baker's twine

adds the finishing touch

with a strand of twinkly lights.

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Adding a little Christmas here and there...

Hope you're enjoying Christmas preparations too!

Lovin' that you stopped by,


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Unknown said...

Love everything about your christmas decor!!! Especially the chalkboard wall lyrics!!! Beautiful

Dee said...

Decorate for Christmas with out using Red!??? I would also find that impossible. Red is my favorite color & especially during the Holidays. The Coke bottles look perfect. Love it all Deb! Merry Christmas, Dee from My Painted Stuff

20 North Ora said...

Love those Coke bottles - course I'm a Coke fanatic! Good choice!


alice said...

I love all your work But especially the chalk board!
Smiles and Merry Christmas Deb and family.

Krista Aasen said...

How simple and pretty! I love the wreath on the Adirondack!!