Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feather - Nest - Egg - Rustic Wall Art

These are the things
that are making my paintbrush move today.
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I love the rustic, earthy quality
of painting on fence board and pallets.
It is automatic texture for paint.
The light airy colors on
the deep textural background
are a cozy contrast.
These shapes and paint strokes
are easy to duplicate.
I hope you try it!
So start with fence board
30" long for the feather.
11" for the nest and egg.
It will look like this on the back.
or like this on the smaller boards -
Use Espresso Brown, Burnt Sienna, and Black
watered down and brush all over boards.
Then dry brush an off-white
over the brown/black base.
I used a light grey white.
It was Olympic paint "Quill" that I had on hand.
Lift the brush before you get to the edge
to leave the dark.
You can make simple paper patterns
in basic shapes to trace onto your boards.
For the feather I used
white, Craftsmart Suede, and Americana Neutral Grey,
and a little bit of Americana Sea Breeze.
I use a chip brush so it has ragged edges.
I think the main thing is to keep a very light touch
and not a lot of paint.
Very airy.
You can always add more.
Use a small angled brush to drag and skip
along the edge...keeping an airy look...
not a heavy line.
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Using the same grey, white, and suede,
I also added Folkart camel and Craftsmart Espresso Brown
to the nest palette.
Again using a brush with rough edges,
make a circular motion
and dip your brush into several of the colors.
Then using a small angle brush
make a criss cross motion on the edges.
These will be your sticks
on the edge of your abstract nest.
Now for your egg.
Still using the same colors...
Sea Breeze, Camel, White, Grey...
Brush very lightly the color onto the board
even leaving some background white show.
Add a white highlight on upper left
 and dark grey shade
on the bottom right.
Splatter Dark Brown
just a little bit
over all 3 art pieces.
Now you have some
sweet spring and summer wall art!
And you could arrange them in so many ways.
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Hope you give it a try!
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Anonymous said...

Wow! As usual, you have created a beautiful piece/s! and thank you for the wonderful tute! I'm pinning this too. Little Bit

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your techniques...Love your art...:)

Krista Aasen said...

I LOVE these Deb, you really have inspired me to believe I could try this on my own... you make it look so easy. I have a feeling I will realize how tricky it actually is once I try it:) But thanks for the tutorial, they are beautiful.
Krista @thehappyhousie

Twice Nice said...

Oh I so want to try that! Those are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

You are so talented!!! WOW! You should sell your art at fair shows or handmade shows!!!
I would love if you link this to my party on Monday!

Sharlene said...

Those are so pretty, I've always wanted to do something with pallet wood but never been sure how to, so thank you for sharing. Popped over from Alderberry Hill.

Dee said...

Love the subject & the colors. The rustic look is perfect. Thanks for sharing, I may have to give this a try:) Dee from My Painted Stuff

Feral Turtle said...

Yay for fence board!!! You are so freaking talented.

Craftivity Designs said...

The rustic look of these paintings is great -- so pretty and natural looking. You are talented!!!
- Lora

Erin~Just*Grand said...

I love this! You make it look so easy... Love the bird theme too.

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

Very neat, as usual Deb. You certainly have a knack with the paint brush. Love the airy feel to all three paintings. You make it look so easy.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your art is so beautiful! Such pretty colors too! Very peaceful to look at.

reFresh reStyle said...

You are amazing! I love this, pinning :)

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

You make it look entirely too easy! Your work is beautiful! I'll be featuring you next week at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party tonight!

amanda said...

I'm impressed! Very talented, and willing to share, too! Very inspiring!

Linda Walker said...

Your rustic wall art is beautiful! I too love the texture of pallet wood or old boards. Linda

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Gorgeous, and you make it look easy!! Thanks so much for sharing the 'how to'! :)

Inspired by you said...

Looks wonderful! You make it sound so easy. I may have to give it a try for fun. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

Love your work- you're so talented! I love your tutorials- you really explain it all and make a person feel confident. I know too that might be a different story once I get started but thank-you for sharing all that you do!

Melanie said...

I'm visiting from your link on Brenda's blog...your work is so beautiful! You make is sound so easy too, lol. You're very talented. Have a beautiful day!

Donna Wilkes said...

I love the rustic textures in your beautiful artwork. Great tutorial on painting techniques.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You really are an artist Deb! These pieces are so lovely together!

Recaptured Charm said...

One of the nicest pieces of art from old wood I have ever seen. Just beautiful work!!

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Oh my goodness. I am IN LOVE with these Deb!! They are so pretty. At the risk of repeating myself (for the umpteenth time?) you are so AMAZING. Love it love it love it. And did I say I love it? Wow. Thanks for the tutorial! Like I could ever get mine to look anything like yours!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Diane Higdon said...

Popped over to your blog via the Road Kill Rescue. I am soooo impressed with your art. The feather, birds nest, egg combo are wonderful. I wish I had the artistic gene to paint. You make it look fairly easy. I may attempt to do this!!! I am so excited to be a new follower....Thanks for the inspiration :)

Laurel Stephens said...

Your art is just so lovely, and your tutorial makes me think I just might be able to do it, too. Makes me want to try!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

LOVE THIS!!!! What a great tutorial. I would love to paint this for my family room!!! Thanks for sharing!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Just found your blog. This piece is gorgeous. Love your technique. New Follower.


Kadee Willow said...

Oh, my heavens! You make it seem so doable to create this piece of artwork. With all the details in your tutorial you don't leave any reason for someone not to feel like a talented painter. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone! I am just smitten!

Fluster Buster said...

I love this - it's so unique.

Hugs, Smiles & Blessings,
Fluster Buster
Creativity Inspired by Frustration

Unknown said...

What a wonderful job you did. And your tutorial is great.I love it:)

Number Fifty-Three said...

I cannot believe how easy you made this look! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. Pinning so that I can attempt it in the future. The colors and theme (we are major bird lovers) would be perfect in my home. Love this!

Have a great weekend!
Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love, love, love this project, so beautiful and such a great tutorial. I would love for you to link this to my Inspire Me party that will be live Monday evening. Hugs, Marty

Pieced Pastimes said...

Your art pieces are so lovely and your tutorial makes this look like something I could possibly do!
Thanks for the inspiration,
Pieced Pastimes
PS-Would love to have you link this up to Saturday Sparks

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured this evening!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and join me tomorrow evening for Make the Scene Monday #72!

Danielle said...

These are adorable, Deb, and perfect for the season. Thank you for sharing the tutorial at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

Rita said...

WOW! You are a great artist! If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party:

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Absolutely beautiful! Your theme and colour choices are so perfect. Thanks for breaking the steps down so well!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

You make that look easy. Thanks again for sharing your techniques, I'm going to try something similar!

ECKDesign said...

LOVE this! Will definitely try!!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

DEB! I L-O-V-E love these! I'm tempted to try. We'll see.

Christine @ First Home...Love Life said...

This is amazing! I'm seriously in awe of your talent! I'd love for you to come link up this and some of your other projects at my new party!

stacey said...

These are so beautiful and inspiring! you have a new follower here! Can't wait to see more.

Homeroad said...

Deb those are sooooo awesome! I wish I could paint like you! I love the wood and the rustic feel of those... hmmm maybe I could try to paint them :) Thanks for the inspiration :)

Unknown said...

I love your art! They are so gorgeous! I'd love for your to share them at my Twirl & Take a Bow party at House on the Way. Have a great week.
House on the Way

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Deb!!! These are so beautiful! I am in no way an artist but your tutorial is so great I really want to try it! What can I lose right? I have tons of boards....Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent!

Nicole said...

This is gorgeous!! I absolutely love your work!! I am now a follower of your blog!! SUch an inspiration!!

Krista said...

You are incredibly talented! I love this piece or I guess pieces. They are so perfect for spring. The soft look is so refreshing and inviting. I love to work with acrylics too, they are so easy. I need to pain more! Thanks for sharing your fabulous work :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

Diane in the Valley said...

Love the colors and the simpleness. And of course the subject matter. Who doesn't love a blue robins egg. I think I might try this idea with a tree, leaf and acorn, or maple seed. My brain is turning, thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Stop by House on the way tomorrow to see your gorgeous art featured at my Twirl & Take a Bow party!
Love it!
House on the Way

Angie at Postcards from the Ridge said...

Whoa. These paintings are fabulous. I especially love the egg. Such soft pretty colors. And you make it sound so easy that I might even try my hand at it! Thanks for the inspiration! Visiting from house on the way, and now following you.

EveryDay Bloom said...

This wall art is so beautiful. I paint with oils and am so impressed by how richly textural your acrylic painting is. Painting on boards...such a great idea. They turned out very classy. Thanks for sharing. Lynaea @

Unknown said...

This is exquisite! No words! Featuring you tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing these techniques with us. Now to go find some pallets to make up and then have them ready for when schools out. Need projects ready for grandaughter.

Judy said...

Deb, The rustic art is great. I especially love your paint techniques. Can't wait to see your next painting project.

Anonymous said...

How creative! Fantastic job and a wonderful tutorial! Thank you:) !
-- Stacy T