Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Green Chalkboard Tray

I know y'all can't wait for green!
Neither can I.
If I put a big color block of spring green
on my table
it will remind me of blossoms, buds, seeds,
grasses, blooms, birds, and bunnies.

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You know I have been working on brightening

my dining room corner.

I thought a big tray in the center of the table

would add a large amount of color.

It will be my everyday look -

not so much the centerpiece when we have our family dinners.

I started with this tray frame.  What!?

For some reason, lately when I've been thrifting

and looking for frames, I look at the backs.

 I like the simple and rustic style behind.

My Mom gave me this big old beauty.

She had our elementary school pictures in it

and matted them with orange crushed velvet.

That was stylin' in the 70's.

It matched our orange shag carpet

that I had to rake every weekend.

This is what it looks like on the front and back:

After removing the hardware

I sanded and cleaned the back.

...then cut a piece of hardboard

with my jigsaw to fit in the frame.

So this is what it looks like now.

I painted the wood frame a dry brush white.

I made my center board a chalkboard.

You might remember when I made this Red Chalkboard.

I did pretty much the same thing...

made a thin paste out of plaster of paris and water

then I added my green paint.

(I did white prime the board first)

Then I painted on about 3 coats.

I have been keeping my rosemary over the winter in my garage.

I was so happy to go out there

and get my hands in the soil,

put it in a new pot and bring it inside!

I've been creating a bright spot here


To Farmhouse Wood and White

Feeling the warmth already.

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Hey girls!

won the drawing for a handpainted Sign.

I thank you all for your encouraging comments

and I really appreciate your visits to my blog!

Thank you so much,


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20 North Ora said...

Darling idea!!


Allison @ The Golden Sycamore said...

What a fun idea! I love it!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

So excited to have won your Giveaway.
I will e-mail you my info.
Love your chalkboard tray.
The green color is sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Feral Turtle said...

I have to say how much I love your table! The frame/tray is amazing. I have to DO THIS!!! I actually have an old frame in my stash and would love to do one for my bathroom so my hubby will quit writing "For a good time call Feral Turtle" and my phone number on the wall....Just kidding....but how cute would that be to put a comment board in the bathroom?

Deb Hrabik said...

Now that's a fun idea! You just might see this in my bathroom in the future. Great idea!

reFresh reStyle said...

Love it Deb! I am so ready for warmer weather! You dining area is looking great!
Congratulations to the winner :)

Pendra said...

Ooooh so fun, love the bright, colorful and sunshiney color!

Lisa said...

I really like this shade of green - it screams spring! And the repurpose of a frame is so clever! Happy Monday from the enchanted oven.

Karen @ A Stylish Interior said...

I love the GREEN chalkboard color! So bright & cheery!! What a cute idea.

Sara said...

SO beautiful!! Hope you can link up at my trendy tuesday party!!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

You are so clever! The color and the little design drew me in, but it was fun to see you used the backside of a frame. Nice thinking!
Liz @ Quirky Vistas

Unknown said...

I love how cheery this is, great color! Thanks for linking up at the 6 days of spring party - Kelly (thelilypadcottage)

Shannon said...

What a super cheerful tray! Love it!

Brandi said...

Admiring your idea! I have a mini obsession with chalk board paint!

Kathy said...

I love chalkboards in old frames - how clever and cool to use the back side - the bright green is marvelous - my daughter would love it - I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday, I'll be featuring your post in next week's party,

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

I love it! Especially because it's not black! I want colorful chalkboards!!

Kathy Penney said...

The green color caught my eye at Funky Junk's party and I just had to stop by and say loved it!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Definitely feels like a Spring welcome!

<3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.

Unknown said...

Love the tray. And the table looks amazing transformed!