Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Word Art - in Color

Here's some Lake Love

Expression in Word Art:

You might remember an earlier post
when I talked about making subway art
in greys and blacks.

But I wanted to try the prints
with a background color.

The main difference between the black and the colors
is the poster finish
and the cost.
When making the black and grey art,
the print comes with a matte finish
and is around $3.
The colored posters are a shinier finish
even when ordered in matte
and they cost around $13
(unless you can find them on sale which I did
at Zazzle for about $8)
Then there are shipping costs as well.

It is fun to experiment in Photoshop
with different colored backgrounds.
You can see on the red that I added a lot of shading.

Here is the original design in Photoshop
and then the finished sanded look:

I built the box frame with 1/4" MDF
and wood trim .

Paint the edges
a darker shade of your poster color.

I used Mod Podge this time to glue the poster on.
The colored paper is heavier so you can use a heavier glue.

Remove any stickers
from the back of the poster.

Here you can see the poster edge

Then use a finer grit sandpaper
for the front poster surface.
The colored poster only needs
a very light sanding to distress..

These can be customized for any lake

Hope you found some inspiration today!
Thanks for visiting, Deb

be sure to really press paper repeatedly.
Although these first projects didn't get air pockets,
some have.
To resolve that, I used a pin to put a hole in front,
wiggle around and put some glue under.
After dry, then sand lightly.

There is another tip on "Plaid's" site
that says to spray both sides of paper and let dry.
(evidently all of the shrinkage will occur before application)

                   The 36th Avenue
                   House of Hepworths
                   A Glimpse Inside


Courtney said...

Thanks for following Deb, I'm following to!! Looking forward to your next projects! These signs are great, hope they go well for you :)

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

These came out great!! Stopping by from A Glimpse Inside linky party and your newest follower.

Here is what I shared this week:

Susan said...

Have you ever had any trouble with bubbles forming under the poster after the ModPodge dries? This happened to me and I'm afraid to try another project. Any suggestions for how to keep this from happening? I glued my poster onto a piece of wood I had stained.