Thursday, April 30, 2015

"We're In This Together "Sign

I love the typography trend.

Artful lettering is so full of expression

in design and sentiment.

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So a simple 1 x 8 board 6' long

is straight forward with the heartfelt expression,

"We're in this Together".

Here is my script pattern for you to use:

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Because Life is a journey

and marriage is a blessing

it always comes back to the commitment

that "We're in this together".

I layered white paint over a brown base.

Pencil transfer the letters,

then use a small flat brush,

keeping it on it's side for the upstroke

and flatten and pull on the down stroke.

Use gloss black paint.

Then use a liner brush for a sketch detail

on all of the down strokes.

Just adds an extra bit of personality to the letters.

If you need to correct some mistakes like this:

(You can see some messy lines I tried wiping off)

You can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of those

unwanted paint marks.

Just knowing how to fix things is half the battle.

Kind of like the marriage journey!

I shaded the edges brown.

I love this sentiment on our wall.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Painting Cow Art


I have a paint whim.

Maybe it's because I love farmhouse style.

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Maybe because it's a popular trend.

But I thought you, my painting friends,

might have the same 

"wanna give it a try".

This paint style is not too intimidating.

The texture of the board will do a lot of the work.

So start with rough fence board.

Make sure they are not super smooth 

or you might not get the texture you want.

So these cedar fence boards are about 5.5" wide.

Cut 4 - 20" long pieces.

Connect together on back with utility panel and 3/4" screws.

Measurement will be about 22" x 20"

Put a base brown wash on entire front.

Paint with off white 

lifting brush at edges .

If you have a picture of a cow,

you can change it to a 

"Paint by Number" look in Photoshop.

Select the Artistic "Cut out" filter.

It will look something like this:

You are welcome to use this sketch:

Pencil Transfer this shape to your board.

Using 2" x 4" rectangles of cardstock folded in half,

drag paint across board leaving open spaces.

This is why it is good to have a rough surface.

It will provide a lot of texture.

You can see in these next few pictures

how I started with the light gray,

then added dark gray,

then bits of brown,

and finally aqua.

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Use Black for eyes and nostrils.

Using a small chip brush,

dry brush hair strands on top of head and in ears.

Brush from center outward.

Off load white paint onto paper towel

making sure your brush is light and airy.

It's easy to fix mistakes.

I just use a baby wipe and remove paint.

Use a fine liner for eyelashes.

Shade edges of board with dark brown.

Would be fun to try in different colors!

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Are you going to express your farmhouse style!

Hope you try it.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Inspiring Ideas at a Spring Luncheon

Color and Design were everywhere.

It was a Spring Luncheon at the Lied Center in Lincoln.

The guest speaker was Julia Knight, tabletop designer.

Her beautiful product and the atmosphere itself

were a great dose of inspiration

so I just had to share.

Ideas galore!

Primitique - York, NE

Hillis & Co. - Lincoln, NE

Voila's  Omaha, NE

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So many more charming displays...

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Loved this idea for a paper peacock feather tag.

Then for the lovely lunch itself...

Julia Knight's beautiful wares...

Thanks to the Lied for providing such a fun

Spring Tabletop Show!

Special thanks to Barb Brandt 

for letting me be a guest at her table!


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