Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Paint a Children's Canvas Growth Chart

I'm excited to share some tips on painting canvas with you!
Really, canvas by the yard is not expensive (maybe around $5-$7 a yard)
So, this is an inexpensive project and worth a try.
It's just paint.
You can always paint over top.
You can really correct anything with paint.
Even though this design has shading details, you don't have to include that.
You can keep it as simple as you like.
You are welcome to try this pattern for your personal use.


So I buy the inexpensive Canvas by the yard:

Measure  24" X 52".
I tear the canvas at those points:

Tear all loose threads and lay out flat on table.
Paint one side at a time with a Flat paint.
The paint will need to be fluid so you might have to add some water.
I used Kilz:

Here are some of the paints I used:

Mixing 2 or 3 shades of blue I brushed on the background.
Then using camel and white and raw sienna you are ready to paint the sand.

Tape off a section on the side for the waves.
This will be your paint guide to keep them about the same size.

Lay out templates shapes including a circle for the beachball
and a bucket shape.
Lightly pencil around and fill in with white paint.

Fill in the shapes with color and design.
I like to shade some of the areas with raw sienna and clear glaze:

Next let the canvas dry and trim the raw edges.
I use a blow dryer to speed the process.

Turn the canvas over and turn edges under at least 1".
You can turn under more to achieve the finished size you want.
Start by just turning under the 2 long sides and sealing with glue.
Here I just used Elmers, but Tacky would probably work better.
The finished size on my canvas was 20 1/2" x 48 1/4".
You might let these 2 sides dry a bit and lay some magazines
or something heavy on them to seal the edges.
Make sure your canvas is square by resting it in the corner of a table
making sure the bottom edge and side both line up with
the edges of the table.
Cut a 1" wide piece of wood trim (I used paneling)
the width of the canvas (mine was 20 2/2").
Lay the trim wood and the 6' length of ribbon
at the top and turn top edge down to glue and seal.

Turn under bottom edge and glue.
Use a tape guide now at the top for name placement.

Then make ruler markings on the side.

Add any finishing touches.
It's ready to hang, making sure it's at the right heighth from the floor
matching your measurements on the canvas.

Here are some other design ideas.
Of course, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit
would be for personal use.

You can do it!
I hope you give it a try.

Thanks for stopping!  Would enjoy your comment.


Diane said...

These are terrific!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, love your blog. I love to paint, have a cabin by a lake and will definitely be using your techniques and inspiration. love this grow chart, never thought about painting on canvas. thank you for sharing your artistic gift.


Jennifer Saks said...

I'm in the midst of making something like this for my granddaughter. Haven't figured out a cute way to mark the height/age, etc. without marring the chart too much. Any ideas? It is, of course, meant for a measuring tool, but I'd like it to also be a nice piece of art for her room and not become messy.

Deb Hrabik said...

That's great Jennifer.
You could use a fine line marker in black or white.
You could put a narrow strip of clear contact paper up the side and write on that.(easy to correct)
You could put a gloss sealer on the measurement side so you can correct and erase and have a more fluid line.
I would probably just fine line directly on the canvas.
Hope it turns out great!

Jennifer Saks said...

Thanks so much, Deb! I'll consider each of those ideas once I'm finished. :)