Thursday, March 3, 2016

Large Scale Feather Art

Textured and Natural-

two elements that make earthy art.

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If you're like me,

you are looking forward to spring.

You can paint one of these feathers

and really hang it year round.

Start by cutting a 20" x 48" utility panel

and 4 frame boards that fit your piece.

I stained the wood frame with Early American.

Using card stock,

drag a semi-gloss white across the boards

in random geometric patterns.

I think it gives it a tribal feel.

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If you get paint anywhere that you don't want it,

just use nail polish remover.

After painting the base color white,

I loosely sketched a large feather outline.

With a piece of cardstock on it's edge,

pull a center line in gray.

Then, using a folded piece of cardstock,

I dip half into gray and half into white

and pull across the board

from the center to the outer edge of sketch.

Use a fine line brush to add white line details.

You can repeat cardstock scraping

until you have the look you want.

It's random and rustic.

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Happy Painting Friends!


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