Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toy Box Makeover - Now Storage For Any Room

I love when I walk through

the Good Will Store

and find a piece of furniture

for less than five dollars!

Why do I think I have to fix it all?!

Potential - I see you in there.

New life - You can be changed for the better.

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I think I collect boxes and trunks.

They provide so much function.



Side Table.

But here we go - it was like a little beat up circus before...

What substance a sturdy boxed bottom will provide.

Better Already.

Now to Simplify.

Remove trim.

Lots of wood filler.

Drill new holes for rope handles.

After priming,

I double loaded a large brush with gray and white paint

and covered the whole main body of the trunk.

Cut lath wood strips to cover top.

I used a raw sienna acrylic wash on the boards,

but you could stain them too.

Then I picked some random soft colors,

combined them with white,

and painted the plank top.

Sealed with Polycrylic.

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Simplifying Color.

Simplifying Line.

What a difference.

Now I could live with this piece in any room.

Hope this inspires you for your next thrifting trip!


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Debbie - Painted Therapy said...

FABULOUS transformation! Why can't I see what you see? I would have just passed that sorry little piece thinking it had seen it's decade. LOVE IT!

Audra Renewed Projects said...

Wow! You do have an eye for potential! I would gave walked right by that box. Great job!

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

Great job! I saw this on Hometalk and clipped it. :)

Terry said...

What a lovely rescue story!!! I love a dramatic transformation! Well done! This makes a perfect side table now. I just impulse shopped a thrift store and have a few treasures to fix as well :0)

Deb Hrabik said...

It's contagious - right girls! Once you do one makeover and see the change, you are on the hunt for more! Thanks all for your kind comments,

reFresh reStyle said...

You would never know it's the same piece! Love it!

Twice Nice said...

THAT is a great transformation! I'm betting there are many who walked past that box and never saw any potential!