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Farmhouse Dining - Wood Grain Stain and Black Shading

Natural Farmhouse Dining -

So warm and inviting!

Zeb and Laurel chose a timeless style

that will be in their family for generations.
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But you should see the construction update 

that the table underwent.

The basic leaf extension mechanism was built 

into this table.  

Two leaves tuck under on each side of the square

so that it pulls out into a long harvest table.

So with that in place, Zeb replaced the top

with planked white oak

and made new tapered square legs.

My job was to finish it so that the wood grain would show

and still have some black weathered edges.

I used Provincial and Ebony stains.

Beginning with one coat of the provincial,

and then adding the ebony stain with a dry brush,

lightly blending to get the effect that I wanted.

I kept the black heavier on the edges.

Then applied a coat of semi-gloss polyurethane.

After that dried,

I went in and added more black,

then applied another coat of poly.

Laurel found a great basic

chair style that was also unfinished.

To get the black painted and weathered look,

I ran a piece of wax along all of the edges 

to resist paint in those areas.

I brushed on one coat of semi-gloss black enamel,

indoor/outdoor paint.

(This will come premixed in a can at any hardware store)

I kept the brush strokes airy and random so that some wood

was still visible .

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Then use a rag to wipe on provincial stain over the top.

This will take a day to dry.

Sand the chair lightly.

You can go back with either more paint or stain,

depending on the look you want.

Sand all of the edges for the worn distressed look.

Make sure to reapply stain in those areas if you need to.

I used a semi-gloss polyurethane sealer.

I love how the painted black chairs

complement the stain and black table.

Such a fun project.

I love seeing it in their home!

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