Sunday, July 26, 2015

You Are My Sunshine - Arial Bold Font

I'm wanting a bright happy sign for my wall!

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I know you might want one too -

so here are some details.

Using fence boards,

cut 9 pieces

9.25" long.

Cut a utility panel for the back

measuring 8" x 48".

Connect with screws on back.

The sign will measure 9.25" x 49".

Give the whole piece a brown wash.

(water down some brown paint and brush on)

You could use stain too.

The water/paint wash will dry faster.
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Alternate yellows on boards.

I used some egg yolk yellows, toy truck yellows,

yellow ochre, and light apricots

and randomly shaded and overlapped areas

on the second coat.

I had to run a brown brush along the edges afterward

to get the worn look that I wanted.

I used Arial Bold font to create my lettering,

then pencil transferred onto my yellow background.

Then paint white lettering in with a flat brush.

Ta Da!  Happy Art.

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I hope you enjoy this project,


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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Painting Heron Art

For years

I've been taking pictures of herons

at the lake.

So when I saw that Ballard Designs 

had such a beautiful White Heron Painting,

I had to try it for myself

but using really basic technique for the background.

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I want to share how you can get the overall "feel"

of the original without fine detail 

(except for the heron's eye).

I have a great thrift store find to begin with -

a $5 twin headboard.

I cut the legs off and it's going to make a great

"blank canvas"

21.5" x 43".

You know how I like to use card stock 

as a paint tool.

Here I go again,

Scraping the entire white background

with a light blue and white mix.

Then paint the trim frame camel and white.

Using multiple greens and yellows,

dip your folded cardstock into a variety of greens

and drag across surface,

creating ground and swamp areas.

With a small brush, add some tree trunks.

Using some of the same greens and yellow and brown,

use a tiny piece of folded cardstock about 1/2"
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and scrape on rectangular leaves.

It will appear very geometric with lots of green variations.

Using a larger piece of cardstock on it's side,

pull and drag paint in lines to represent the grass.

Add some straw colored grass plus yellow and brown.

Lay the cardstock flat and pull up from the bottom

to create fullness.

Make a chalk outline of heron.

Here is a sketch you can use.

Brush in white.

Then scrape on white, gray, and tan.

Use your finger to rub white around edges of heron.

I added some grunge texture by scraping on a blue and gray,

then dabbing off some with a wet wipe.

I also splattered blue and gray paint over the top.

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So, without all of the fine detail,

you can still get the overall feel

of the painting.

Of course, this design is for your personal use only.

The original design is Ballard's.

This is a fun way to learn color and background.

Happy Heron Painting!


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Monday, July 6, 2015

Arrow Art

I'm loving the arrow trend!

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So Emily and I made a project from the book, "Hand made walls".

Using lath and fence pickets,

we made our arrows 48" long,

and glued and nailed the boards

onto a piece of utility panel.

We gave it a brown wash

and used card stock to drag blue and yellow paint

across the boards.

What a fun summer project!


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