Monday, February 25, 2013

First Year Blog Birthday and Giveaway

Happy Day Dear Blog Friends!
One year ago this week I jumped into the Blog World.
(It was on Leap Day 2012)
I just want to thank all of you for stopping to visit
and encouraging me and leaving such kind comments.
I'm having so much fun
and want to share some fun with you.
Which one would you like?
These are some recent Handpainted Designs
that I gave some painting tips on:
Leave a comment
(make sure your name is on your profile link)
here on this post
and tell me which Handpainted Sign you would like to have.
Be sure you have your name (not Anonymous please : ) )
and email in your profile so I can contact you.
At noon, Saturday, March 2nd
I will have a random drawing and pick a winner.
I plan to have more of these giveaways
throughout the year!
Pin It!
Because my passion
Making a Home and Happy Art to fill it,
I want to share that with you.
My blog is my tool to keep a creative journal
that can help you too!
Here's to Happy Handmade Homes,


The Honeysuckle Bus Stop said...

Hey Chick! Congrats on it being one year for you! I featured your work for Moonshine Monday today- just FYI! You are so talented that I would be appreciative of either, but I especially love the "here comes the sun" sign"! Congrats on the feature and I hope you have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

Yay one year! Oh my that was a hard decision. The practical side wants me to choose the beautiful blessings with hooks, BUT I sooo love yellow..So I'd love to hang the Here Comes the Sun sign in my home!

Deb Hrabik said...

You will want to leave your name or have your email in your profile so I know who to contact.
Thanks peeps!

Lynn Wilhelm said...

I'm all about leaving a comment on this one!!! I love them both but pick the "Blessings" one. Need more hooks for all of our coats!!

Lynn Wilhelm

Lynn Wilhelm said...

And, I just love viewing your blog. Your creativity is just amazing!!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and always look forward to seeing your beautiful handpainted projects. Would love an opportunity to win the Blessings sign. Thanks!

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

Congrats on your one year, time sure flies by doesn't it?
Love both of your painting, well you know that I really love anything that you paint. If I won, I would love the "Here comes the Sun" painting.
Have a fabulous week!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Congratulations on your one year of blogging. I came across your blog a couple of months back and I Love it.
You do such beautiful work. I would love to be entered in your Giveaway, and I would chose the Blessings sign if I won. Thanks for the chance.

Sandi Allen

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Deb, congrats on your first year! I just had my one year anniversary, too. Hard to believe a year's gone by! I'd have to choose the "Here comes the sun." It reminds me that the best is yet to be!

Courtney said...

Happy Blogiversary Deb!! I love checking out what you get up to and how you do it...thanks for sharing all your trade secrets in the past year!! x

Anonymous said...

I have about every blog you have ever posted, love your work. I would love to have Here Comes the Sun.

SmithShack71 said...

Congratulations on the year! You know, you scared me, I think I may be very close to a year here, too. Be a shame to miss my own deal. So, thanks for all the paint ideas AND the head's up! ;)
I love Here Comes the Sun.
I mean, dude, The Beatles? Yeah.


Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

I have really enjoyed your blog. You are one talented gal! I love both pieces but, I think, my favorite would have to be the "here comes the sun"! It's so bright and cheerful! Congrats on your one year anniversary!!

Stacey said...

Congratulations on completing your first year of blogging. It's so much fun, isn't it? All of your signs are the colors. My favorite right now is definitely the Blessings sign. You are sweet to offer one of them to us.


Twice Nice said...

Congrats on your first year talented Lady! Could you make choosing any harder? Love both of these, but I think my office/craft room needs "Here Comes the Sun"!

SewAmy said...

I love your work so much! If I happen to win, I would LOVE "Blessings". Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful piece of art work.

Amy ~

Susan said...

I'd have to go with the "Here Comes The Sun" sign - it just makes me happy! Congratulations on your 1st year -you have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your projects -Thank you!

Tammi Burke said...

It's been raining here for days! We need it but the Here Comes the Sun sign will be a nice reminder that summer will be here soon!

Tammi Burke

Deb mcK said...

What a generous giveaway! I LOVE your artwork and you inspire me to do more of my own. Thanks for the opportunity...If forced to choose I would say the 'blessings' sign.

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Happy One Year Deb! So much talent already in so little time. Everything you do amazes me. I would be tickled to have either sign, but I think the Blessings is my favorite. Thanks for such a generous giveaway. :)


Tina said...

I adore the both but "Blessings" speaks to me! Thanks for your generosity!

Gail Crookshank said...

Love both signs but the "here comes the sun" speaks to me at this time of the year!

Jill Conlon said...

I just love your blog! I feel we have a lot in common...I love, love, painted furniture...I too am a Home Economics grad....and I have a lake place! I would love both of your give aways; however, if I had to pick one I would pick the "Here Comes The Sun". I would love to put it in our family room at the lake as that room does get a lot of sunshine and it is a room where our family spends a lot of "warm and cozy" time together! Also, thanks for your great tutorials.

Lilli said...

Happy Anniversary! I would choose Blessings for the simple reason that.... I ADORE it :)
I love your blog and your creativity and look forward to another year of fabulousness!

The Scarlit Harlot said...

Congrats!!! I'd love the Blessings sign. Super cute and well done!

Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!!

Carol C said...

I love your work and have pinned many of your projects! Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! I would love to have the "Here Comes the Sun" sign... it would certainly brighten a Michigan winter.

J9's Happiness in the Every Day said...

Goodness!! This is a tricky one - I love them both but think I'd be able to house the blessing sign superbly!! Congratulations on your anniversary! You are a very talented lady, J9 x

Faye Libler said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary, I'm not there yet, but isn't it a fun ride? I love your work. Although it is hard to choose, I think I would pick the "Blessings" because red is my favourite colour, and I have been so blessed! I look forward to see what you do in your second year of blogging!


jo said...

Congratulations or the year of sharing. Loooking forward to years more. I love your work! I would choose the Here Comes the Sun sign - it's so bright and cheerful!!!

Manda said...

I would like "here comes the sun."

Great giveaway

mandaoverturf (at) yahoo dot com